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Officers are looking for a subject whom the RP is advising stole a bicycle from K-Mart. Subject heading out of the store with a bicycle, last heading up Swanson – White Male, 5’8″, 215-220, shaved head, red shirt, red shirt, white Nikes.

RP last seen on Smoketree turning on to Poplar.

RP has followed the suspect, and has seen him park the bike around the side of a residence in the 1900 block of Poplar.

Officers arriving on scene at K-Mart.

Officers arriving on Poplar.

Officer at K-Mart is advising that the RP is a customer that was following the suspect. The store states they do not have record of him having paying for it.

Officer has subject detained.

Officer has located the bike.

Officer at K-Mart is attempting to review video footage at this time.

RP is being contacted for a witness statement. RP en route back to Poplar address.

Subject is stating that he had purchased a bike from the store, it broke, the store would not exchange/return it, so he decided to make the exchange himself and swapped the bikes out from a display located at the front of the store – and took off.

Officers are letting the subject go with a Cite & Release.