#LHCPD# Suspicious Person


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Caller states they have a suspicious person who walked in Havasu Bedding covered from head to toe with a mask on their face at 1607 Mesquite Ave.

PD enroute.

Caller states that the vehicle is parked around back.

PD following the vehicle on Mesquite.

Subject parked on the corner of Victory Chapel

PD making contact with subject.

PD says the subject is running on foot they are giving foot chase.

PD has him in custody at Capri and Mesquite. He has two guns on him.

PD foot chase officer says the car is parked near Victory Church doesn’t know if there was a passenger or not.

Patrol units responding to the vehicle. They are going to search the vehicle.

Patrol says the car is empty no other person in the vehicle.

Subject is known to Police as they arrested him recently.

Records check revealed his drivers license is suspended and plates on his car expired in 2013.

PD now reporting there may be home made explosives in the car. They are taping off the area and awaiting for the bomb squad.