#LHCPD# Rolling Domestic


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Vehicle is a Silver Lincoln SKX

RP is female advising she has husband in the vehicle and is attempting to take him to the hospital due to medical condition, however he is attempting to grab the wheel.

RP is updating her husband is attempting to jump from vehicle, he doesn’t want to go.

PD is rolling code (lights & sirens) in attempt to catch up with vehicle.

Pulled off at Mulberry and HWY 95, approaching Smoketree.

PD asking the dispatchers to have the RP pull the vehicle over.

RP is advising they are pulling into Wells Fargo / Taco Bell parkinglot.

Officers out with the subjects.

PD is advising they have one subject detained at this point. RP is requesting ambulance. Dispatch is going to dispatch fire-medics to the location.