LHCPD Releases Mobile App

Posted on Sunday, December 11th, 2016 at 9:59 AM

The Lake Havasu City Police Department has released a free mobile app to connect with members of the Lake Havasu City community through their smartphones and tablets that will be replacing the Nixle system. 

Citizen Tips and Comments

The app allows citizens to identify issues in Lake Havasu City and help with investigations by providing crime tips (anonymously if you prefer), and sending messages and images. If you setup your profile within the app, your name, phone and email will pre-populate on the tips screen for future usage, but you can still toggle the anonymous on/off.

Push Notifications
If enabled by the end-user, the APP makes it easy for Lake Havasu City Police Department to quickly distribute information via push notifications to the community regarding crime events, missing persons and traffic incidents.

When a push notification is received you can select to have the app alert you via sound, vibration, or both. You can also set a quiet time which will ensure you are not awaken by alerts.

Clicking on a notification or bulletin will bring it up in full view allowing you to read the contents of the article. You can also share the information by clicking on the share icon which will provide you the ability to share it on social media, via text message, or in an email.

APP Compatible withSearch for “Lake Havasu City PD” in your devices app download section.

This app was developed by LogicTree IT Solutions, Inc.
* This APP is not meant to replace calling 9-1-1 for crimes or emergencies in progress, or those wishing to file a report with LHCPD.

Have packages been stolen from your neighborhood? Learn more through this free app.

4 comments on “LHCPD Releases Mobile App”

  1. Jackson5 Reply

    Now I can turn all of you drugee shitbags in anonymously via smart phone. Take that shit elsewhere. We’ve had enough of it in Havasu to last a lifetime!

  2. Desert Bud Reply

    I am not for or against it yet but can anyone tell me how this is any better than Havasu Scanner?

    • Havasu Scanner Feed Reply

      It’s not any better. In fact, all the same information they send out, we will be putting on our website, on Facebook, and on our APP. So the only benefit here is the ability to take a photo and submit the photo, a description of what you see, and your GPS coordinates directly to LHCPD Dispatchers.


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