#LHCPD# Motorcycle Pursuit (Delayed from 7PM on 7/13)


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SUSPECT: Ralph Sizemore

Originating Officer reported finding suspect on a black Harley Davidson at the Shortstop on the South side.

Gunning it at Challenger, speeds at 75.

Blew stop sign at Highlander – No traffic.

Blew stop sign at Mohican.

Northbound Highlander.

Crossing Swanson – Speeds at 50.

Blew stop sign at Arizona. Speeds still at 50, no traffic.

Westbound on Challenger.

North on Coville

Crossed over into County.

Going off into the dirt at Little Finger and Red Rock

(7:21 PM) – Sergeant terminated code/chase due to knowing who the suspect is.

Mohave County Sheriffs Office notified that chase ended in their jurisdiction.

Officers on foot in the desert.

Motorcycle located.

Motorcycle retrieve.

Suspect still at large at end of this recording.

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