#LHCPD# #LHCFD# Residential Assignment Power Lines Down/Fire


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Lots of black smoke on 1300 block of Beefeater.

PD enroute

PD on scene

PD confirms live electrical line on the ground at 1340 Beefeater.

FD enroute.

PD asking for everyone to stay away from the area due to high power line down.

FD is getting in position to handle fire in the area at 1340 Beefeater no one is at home in that residence.

FD reports boat on fire that is now under control but a lot of charred wires Uni Source is attempting to shut down the power

FD says all the overhead wires are alive not to go back to boat fire to completely extinguished as danger to FD.

PD reports the traffic lights are out in the area of N Palo Verde Blvd due to the power outage they are now out and directing traffic.

FD says Uni Source has the power off and can now advance on the fire to make sure the boat is completely out now.

FD reports there is still one live wire down and needs to be cautious around it.

PD reports that power to the traffic lights has been restored they will watch to make sure they stay functional.

FD reports that all the power to that residence is off the rest of the power to other residences has been restored.