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RP advising ex-boyfriend took 11 year old child whom is not his. Unsure where she is at.

RP is advising that she moved in with her new boyfriend. RP is attempting to get dispatch the new address. 100 block of Lafayette Lane.

[map address=”100 Lafayette Lane, Lake Havasu City, AZ”]

The suspect vehicle is a white ford pickup.

PD officer is advising he is en route. He is familiar with RP and past incidences.

PD officer is advising he is on scene, with a white pickup out front.

Dispatch is advising the RP is stating she has left the address on Lafayette, and dispatch is attempting to get her to return to the address.

RP is at Moyo and Injo, returning to residence.

Dispatch has advised the Female RP to remain at the address on Injo drive. PD will meet her there for contact.

RP is advising dispatch that the child was taken from the address on Injo, by the father, and dispatch is unsure if the Lafayette Ln address has any involvement in the incident now.

Officer on Lafayette Ln has negative contact. Clearing this location and en route to the location where the mother is.

Dispatch is advising they have made contact with the 11 year old, who is shopping with her sister. Officers are having dispatch attempt to locate where she is at so that officers can attempt a welfare check.

Field Supervisor (SGT) advising dispatch to change this call to a “CUSTODIAL INTERFERENCE” – stating that “Kidnapping” is unfounded.

Welfare check with the child was completed at Jacob Row. Call cleared.