#LHCPD# Injury Crash / Vehicle Roll-Over


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PD rolling “Code 3” (Lights & Sirens) — area of In & Out on London Bridge Road. RP #1 is advising a vehicle has rolled over. RP #2 is stating that a subject has been seen crawling out of the vehicle and is outside the vehicle now, while another subject remains inside the vehicle.

Dispatch is advising one vehicle, one patient at this time. Subject is trapped inside the vehicle.

FD en route with “RESCUE 42”.

Vehicle looks like a white Toyota Tacoma truck.

PD is advising both subjects are now out of the vehicle.

Battalion Chief is cancelling “RESCUE 42”.

Camel Tow en route to pickup vehicle. All FD has been released from the scene except for one engine which will remain on scene until two arrives.

Camel Tow responded back, can not pickup vehicle. Call turned over to Quality Towing.