#LHCPD# High Risk Traffic Stop / Gun Involved


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RP called 9-1-1 to state that a subject pointed a gun at them while driving down the road. PD has located the vehicle and is at Kearsage and Kearsage place with a high risk traffic stop, the subject is attempting to get out of a white truck.

Drive is detained [5:33 PM].

Code 4 at Kearsage.

The Suspect is advising that the other individual (RP) also has a firearm and brandished it. Officers are attempting to now make contact with the RP at Basha’s.

[map address=”Kearsage Drive and Kearsage Place, Lake Havasu City, AZ”]

Two .38 Pistols have been ran through dispatch by officers on scene. Both these firearms have returned valid.

Officers giving “Code 4” at Basha’s.

One suspect will be placed under arrest for “reckless driving” as he did a donut in his vehicle as seen by multiple witnesses. Witnesses also are confirming sight of the gun, so he will also be charged with “Brandishing a firearm”.