#LHCPD# Commercial Burglary (Jamaica Elementary)

Jamaica Elementary – Front Office has been destroyed, and cameras have been ripped out of place. Male subject seen leaving the area on foot.

White Male, black hair, southbound on Jamaica.

PD en route.

One PD Unit reminds other units of a past suspicious persons call and requests dispatch lookup that call details for the individuals address.

Officers going into the area.

Another officer is in the area of the past suspicious person’s home residence (3400 block of Chesapeake)

Another two officers are heading to the school. On Scene.

Officer at the school is advising Chesapeake officers, “Red Shirt, Black Shorts. Left through the culd-a-sac towards house on the corner.”

Officers have walked through the “suspicious persons” call’s house, that subject is not at the residence.

Subject was last seen running South East, jumped through the house on the corner at Plebe Lane.”

Officers are on foot and in vehicles in the area attempting to ATL.

One subject detained in 3400 block of Plebe Lane.

Confirmed Subject Detained was the suspect. Suspect in Custody.

Update from LHCPD at 10:25 AM: A 23-year old suspect is in custody for entering the school and causing damage in multiple areas of the campus. The point of entry is not immediately known but it is believed the suspect may have found an unlocked gym door. It appeared that the suspect went through several areas of the school looking for money and other items of value but may have been scared off by the sound of the janitor. The janitor observed a male subject jump over the fence and run to a near by cul-de-sac. Police arrive and end up locating the suspect they believe was responsible and arrest him on an outstanding warrant.

Officers are putting pieces together but it seems this will be the burglary suspect.

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