#LHCPD# Stabbing Incident


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Officers are actively searching the east bank channel in the area of the convention center for two suspects, 20-30 years of age, shorts, tank tops, armed with a knife who jumped out of a bush unexpectedly and attacked a victim that is at the E.R.

Officers are being re-directed lights and sirens to 2800 block of N. McCulloch near South El Dorado. Female called into LHCPD advising a male would not leave her alone and she was forced to stab him. She no longer has the knife, and has left the residence and can point it out. She is crying hysterically and unfamiliar with the area. This is the actual location of the stabbing incident – the victim at the ER may have fabricated the East Bank location.


Female is stating she came to the residence with a friend, and that two male subjects were outside with large sticks, and attempted to attack her friend. This is when the knife came into play.