#LHCMEDICS# Subject not breathing

Posted on Friday, December 5th, 2014 at 11:18 PM

2400 block of N. McCulloch for a male subject not breathing.

Officers and Medics are responding CODE 3 (lights & sirens)

PD on scene – advising medics to stage upon arrival.

Medics on scene, advising they are staged.

Officer on scene advising SGT. that he arrived on scene, and subjects outside of the complex stated they called because another tenant at the location was making statements of a family member not breathing – then a female entered the residence of the location where the family member is believed to be, locked the door, and is now not coming to the door to answer it.

SGT en route.

Officers on scene stating they have one subject detained, they are clearing the residence.

SGT on scene.

Officers have cleared the scene for medics to arrive.

PD has taken the subject into custody and en route to jail.

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