#LHCFD# Residential Fire


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A vehicle on fire inside the garage at an address in the 100 block of Impala Lane.


2nd Alarm called.

Several Engines on scene along with two battalion chiefs.

Electric/Water is turned off (Utilities Secured).

One occupant, an elderly woman, is still inside. Fire Personnel have checked in on her, and found her to not be exposed to the incident, they will allow her to remain in the room, with doors and windows closed.

Engines crews are now being swapped out with those who are arriving for the second alarm notice, and the previous crew is joining “rehab” where they will take off equipment, drink lots of water, etc.

Crew is checking the attic for extension.

There is no gas to the residence.

Primary all clear (meaning no lives are in jeopardy – pets or human)

Fire all clear.

Fire Investigator being called to the scene.

Now working salvage and overhauling.

BC calling fire “under control”.

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