#LHCFD# Boating Accident


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Two boats have collided at 1/4 Mile North of Black Meadows Landing on the Arizona side. Male subject is pinned under the dash area and bleeding severely from the head.

Several engines and a fire boat are responding to the scene.

Update: They are just outside of 3 Dunes Beach. There are reports of two male subjects with severe injuries.

A helicopter is being requested by one of the fire-crews.

Update: This is a single boat accident – into a tree.

Two ambulances staged on ground at Cattail Cove. ETA for first helicopter is 7 minutes.

Update at 7:24 – –
Battalion Chief requesting another helicopter and ambulance and fire boat to the scene for another patient in that same location. She is reportedly open compound knee, open compound elbow.

–update at 7:58 PM–
A second ambulance was requested to pickup the 3rd patient, due to a the other ambulance having a flat tire.
The second ambulance was coming out of Parker.

The helicopter has become the new preferred method of transportation for this patient, landing momentarily.