Lake Havasu City Warns Community of Recent Scam

Posted on Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 at 10:51 AM


The Lake Havasu City Police Department wants to warn the community about a recent scam that has surfaced in Lake Havasu City. The scam involves a person calling local businesses and claiming to be from Frontier Communications, Suddenlink Communications, or Unisource Energy Services. The person claims the local business failed to pay their bill and asks for credit card information to make the account current.

Lake Havasu City residents are strongly encouraged not to share credit card or personal information with anyone over the phone unless you are the person initiating the contact.

Anyone that has been a victim of this scam is encouraged to contact the Lake Havasu City Police Department at (928) 855-1171.

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15 comments on “Lake Havasu City Warns Community of Recent Scam”

  1. Michelle Bows Reply

    This is extremely poorly worded.

    Where it says not to give personal information unless the customer has “initiated” contact.. Any good conman can convince you to call them back and give the customer a phone number, then you’re the person “initiating” contact. Or if you’re busy and not paying attention, you ask for a phone number to call them back and again.. You’ve called the scammer. Elderly people do this all the time. If HSF is going to warn people, you really should tell them the correct way to make sure the people potentially getting scammed know how to contact the real company (especially for the elderly- this exact this happened to my grand parents). This should be updated to tell the people this happens to, to look up the company’s official phone number online or on their bill.

  2. Veronica Forston Reply

    I just replied to the other scam. Here’s my reply I don’t know about suddenlink etc but some guy called me about money. I hope it was a scam. He said “I’m with the Arizona Fraternal Order of Police and I represent the police, and families of police…” He wanted money. So I waited until he was all done with his speech. I had a funny feeling he wasn’t real. I said “I appreciate that. I fully support all law enforcement. In fact, I have family and friends in law enforcement. I have known many fallen officers as well and I do give money and my full support online but not over the phone…’ I was still saying stuff but he interrupted me and said “sorry to bother you. Thank you” and hung up. I almost pushed that dial back thing (but didn’t know how) to tell him “I wasn’t done yet…” I hope I didn’t make a LEO mad just now. Is that for real? He gave a name which I forgot, but didn’t say “officer” or “deputy”. ??? Is that one of the scams? If so I might still have his number if I need to report it.


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