Lake Assignment


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Area of Windsor Beach RP reports possibly a capsized boat with subject in the water.

Fire engine, fire boat, and Battalion Chief en route to call.

State Parks is launching a boat from Windsor Beach. On MCSO Channel 3.

SBSO requested for a boat.

Sea Tow/Vessel Assist also being reached out to.

Battalion Chief stating that he can not identify anything using binoculars.

RP reported 3/4 mile off view of industrial. RP no longer sees the boat.

Battalion Chief requesting if Native 8 is available, to do a fly-over and see if they can see a boat in the water.

No emergency personnel are able to locate any signs to validate this call. Attempting status update from Native 8.

Fire boat cancelled by Battalion Chief.

Native 8 launching in 8 minutes. Will advise via v-fire 21 channel.