Juvenile on meth requesting medics 

Posted on Monday, December 12th, 2016 at 7:40 PM

Medics en route to Smiths for a 17-year old juvenile male subject on meth, laying in front of the doors. 

PD also dispatched. 

PD and FD on scene. 

Juvenile is listed as a runaway. 

Dispatch contacting parents to advise them the juvenile is being transported to the ER for overdose. 

Child’s mother is en route to the hospital. 

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      • Brenda Reply

        Take it from a person born and raised in Fontana, CA (speed capital of the western US)….it’s not the town, but the mindset and actions of individual people. Could there be more commerce in town for Havasu’s youth to enjoy? Yes. Did an abundance of social and outdoor activities in Southern California sway youth away from drug use? From memory, not so much. Was this individual mentioned as a minor runaway? Ah ha moment? Perhaps.

    • Sara Wintrode Reply

      Because I have no other choice. But this town is a small town where things spread fast. It has a lot of drug activity. There aren’t many career options here unless you plan to own your own business which is a 50/50. You can’t get a high than a Bachelor’s here. It’s a pit for young people to get trapped in if they make even the slightest wrong choice.
      But I have no other choice than to live here. If you really want my family history I can give it to you.

      • Chris Stokes Reply

        You must have grown up here to be jaded like that. Havasu is a great town. Of course there is limited opportunity as you say. But the quality of life here is way above many other places. Plus. Methodist is everywhere. It’s an epidemic. For every poor kid like the one in this article there 50 in Los Angeles just like him. They just don’t make the news because it’s so common nobody cares.

      • Caroline De Luca Reply

        I’m sorry, but I have to completely disagree with you here. It doesn’t mean I don’t understand where you are coming from, but I also see things differently. I grew up with an alcoholic drug addict father who was extremely abusive, physically, mentally, verbal, etc. Nothing ever stuck as far as child abuse because he was buddies with the Assistant DA and also knew many detectives where I lived. When I was older, I realized who he really was and why he had so many cop friends. He was a drug dealer. Not only did I found out that he was a drug dealer, but also the numerous charges that his sister and my cousins had in relation to drugs (pot, coke, heroin, meth, oxy, you name it really). Some of those charges were violent charges as well. They later ended up becoming felons and my dad overdosed on oxycontin when I was 18. Where did that leave me? As I saw all this violence and disgusting shit growing up, I realized that education was going to be my only meal-ticket out of not living a welfare-funded spun-out life because I WANTED more for myself. I graduated high school at 17 with a 3.8 GPA and I was not able to walk due to threats made by my father even though the school offered to have officers attend the ceremony, I chose not to ruin any of my fellow classmates day. I then started college only 2 short weeks after graduating high school. I am still attending school, now in Havasu, (I have had many medical issues that have caused me to take a longer period of time to complete my degree) and I am happy to state that I am part of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society and I have a 4.0 GPA. So anything is possible if you truly want it for yourself. I also had the opportunity to get flown and travel around the country as a merchandiser. Something you might be interested in considering if you think this town is “SO BAD.” Trust me there are far worse places to be than Havasu. Perhaps you need to change your perception. Let what fuels your fire propel you into your full potential.

    • Haylee Kobata Reply

      I do not agree with blaming the “town”. You can come across drugs and bad choices anywhere. Only you can choose to make bad decisions. There are actually quite alot of people that live in the same down that have not been trapped into the drug activity! It all comes down to self control and educating yourself.

    • Megan Burns Reply

      I don’t think it’s the town. I was born and raised here and am not on drugs. It’s a choice and unfortunately a lot of people choose wrong.

    • Sara Wintrode Reply

      Obviously you can stay off drugs. I’ve managed to do that my entire life. But there’s not a lot of options to rebuild yourself after making the wrong choice. Kike I said, education is limited here, career choices are limited here. It’s not like I’m just blindly blaming the town. But this place has a lot of bad, and not a lot of good for teens and young adults.

    • Sara Wintrode Reply

      Isaac Salvador They didn’t receive them in this town then. ASU only does under grad degrees. No masters and doctorates there. MCC only does certificates and Associate’s. And there aren’t a lot of career options. Medical and law are the only professional fields here unless you want to own your own business. But that’s not always successful, takes a lot of money.

      • Kristan Reply

        You can earn a masters and a doctorate while living in Havasu. It’s called online learning. Every university offers it.

    • Arianne Christensen Reply

      I agree there is a lot of meth in this town, but it’s because we’re so small. In comparison to bigger cities, it’s not nearly as bad. But it seems like the ratio of drug/alcohol addicts here to sober people is higher. It’s like 1/3 people has a problem. I wish there was more to offer residents to keep them away from the bad decisions such as peer pressure.

    • Tina Chris Beyers Reply

      I was born and raised in L.A same problems in the big city as our small town drugs are a choice, committing crimes is a choice, there are jobs here I have been between jobs more than once and found a good paying job in both instances within a day but one problem our town has is people that want a paycheck for nothing and I have had people turn in applications telling me they don’t want the job but they have to turn in apps to not work n collect unemployment, so we can’t blame a small town for problems the problems are everywhere it’s each individual’s choice to get into the problems or stay away from it. and yes it is that simple I grew up in Carson ,CA gangs and drugs all around me easy access but it was a choice to walk a straight line, and being in trouble is not the end all any person can turn a bad situation around.

    • #gohomeandcleanupyouract Reply

      Sara, it’s not just this town. It’s to the point that where ever you live it’s going to be there!! Id put some money on it that it was heroin and not meth. He’d be running up and down the isles not laying on the ground if it was meth. REGARDLESS, I HOPE AND PRAY THIS WAS A WAKEUP CALL AND HE STRAIGHTENS HIS ASS UP!!!! This was his chance to make things right within himself and at home (where he belongs) with his family. GOD BLESS🙏

  1. Jena Thompson Reply

    No meth does . This town is actually not near rated other city’s usages. Prayers for this child. Our town will lift a fallen member if allowed. It’s who you choose to associate with.

  2. Jena Thompson Reply

    Meth is rampid across our country. It’s almost near impossible without medical help to get off of the substance and watch to take friends we have to take a different approach to people who are using it Rehabilitation not incarceration.

    • M.J. Angelcor Reply

      It’s a tough one! You have to want to break free of it. I did it from 13 yrs old till i was 28! Then I CHOSE TO QUIT & change my life. I am now 50 i hate that stuff and what it does to people! I hope he is ok and breaks free from it for good!!

  3. Tim Moser Reply

    He played the game, he lost. He made the choice to pump that crap in himself or whatever they do with it. Nobody to blame but him

  4. Melody Miller Reply

    Everybody blames the town because it’s so small, but if you don’t go looking for drugs and trouble, you will be fine. You choose your lifestyle, not the town.

    • Melody Miller Reply

      This is also coming from someone who was on meth for 2 years from the age if 13 to 15…. I feel for the kid, it’s a scary feeling. He needs to make better choices. I hope this is his wake up call. It’s the harsh reality of drugs.

    • Debbie Twiss Reply

      Melody Miller So glad you decided to change your life and make better choices. Maybe you could offer him & his family words of widsom. Sounds like they could use all the help and support they can get.

  5. Sheila Formica Reply

    I read all the comments..it’s very sad that you can substitute Havasu with my hometown..the story is the same..it’s not the location. ..it’s the addict..

  6. Leah Yee Reply

    I pray this kid will be okay! Say what you will, but this is someone’s baby, someone’s family member. Their choices don’t change the fact that they are human.

  7. Julie Northern Reply

    The situation is sad. I do have to agree as far as young kids go there is not much in this town to do . Kids get bored and this is what happens unfortunately. Sending prayers to the family

  8. Amber Kennedy Reply

    My mom moved my family here in 88 because meth was rampid in Vista Ca….until you realize we aren’t vicims ..it’s choices ..you blame everyone else

  9. Kimberly Forst Reply

    I can understand what Sara Wintrode is saying, I grew up in this town and raised three kids here one still in middle school, it is hard for them, two of my kids were smart enough to know to leave town after graduation and and make something of themselves, but I think it is too that the kids need the right guidence and education on drugs which this town does not give out enough to our young, it never has, it’s a retirement community for the elder and a party town for the college students, it’s been that way for years, this city doesn’t focus enough on our young school kids that are growing up here. We need to open more avenues for them to express themselves, But even that sometimes is not enough, it comes down to your own choices and the way you carry yourself worth. I hope for the best for this young kid, and that’s all we can do now is hope not criticize anyone. That doesn’t help him nor his family and friends that are also suffering with him. Pray he gets the help he needs to get better!

  10. Me Reply

    Has nothing to do with this town, dope is EVERYWHERE. While it is sad, at 17, you have a choice and know the difference between right and wrong. Oh and listing this as an overdose instead of a psychotic episode is wrong…it’s the LACK OF SLEEP that causes the irrational behavior. (otherwise, Ritalin and Adderall would cease to be prescribed).

  11. Drug-free-since-83 Reply

    It’s much easier to blame (insert name of current town) than to take responsibility for your own actions and failures in life. Those are the same people who would be in the same exact situation in ANY other city. I grew up in Havasu and I’m not on drugs. I also don’t have a degree or a business, but I still make a decent living and don’t do drugs. If you’re willing to work you can make money in Havasu. I guess you would have to pass a drug test first. :-/

  12. Jennafer Reply

    To blame Lake Havasu for ONE persons drug issue is like blaming Lake Havasu for someone’s sunburn. Ever think of the people that are assisting this person to want drugs , get drugs , and use drugs. It sounds like its the company he keeps. Also, this person is condiously making his own decision to do drugs. Its not like he was bound and gagged and used as a pin cushion while he was unconscious or something. This person CHOSE to do drugs, then he overdoses, now its HAVASU’S fault? That’s an ignorant way to not take responsibility for your own actions. So its everybody else’s fault.? WOW!!!

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