Intoxicated Subjects

Posted on Tuesday, March 8th, 2016 at 12:26 PM

Two Hispanic Males urinating on palm tree at our Lady of the Lake Church. Getting into a 4-door silver sedan and pulling off onto the highway.

PD in the area. Attempting to locate the vehicle.

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14 comments on “Intoxicated Subjects”

  1. Ralph W Chandless

    So it states, “intoxicated subjects”. Why? Because they urinated in public and/or because they are “Hispanic”?

  2. Danny Barbee

    Maybe they said intoxicated because they were giving them the benefit of doubt if not intoxicated thats disrespectful and pretty stupid i guess you would have preferred if they said two stupid people.

  3. Heather Nicole Freely

    It’s not like the businesses in Havasu won’t let people use their restrooms, in fact I’ve never had a business turn me away when I asked for a restroom.

  4. Patricia Sowell

    Didn’t that church used to be a voting site here in Havasu? Now go figure we had to stop by the library to figure out where we vote. Go figure.

  5. Havasu Opinions

    Lol, one does it matter if they were intoxicated or not. Two does it really matter if they did this at a church or anywhere else in public where people can see them?? Really! It is just disrespectful unless there are no facilities anywhere near by. Considering the WHOLE WORLD belongs to God, there is not one place you can “go” that He is not there

  6. Havasu Opinions

    Oh, and I like how everyone is ok that the subjects were called Hispanic Males and not just Males, BUT are extremely offended that the subjects were considered “intoxicated”. Really, it is Spring Break!

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