Injury Accident


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LHCPD/LHCFD/River Medical being dispatched to the area of Industrial @ Bahama for a reported to vehicle accident w/1 reported female down on the ground and 1 vehicle possibly on fire, units responding on TAC3 Fireground.
(7:14PM) From LHCPD at scene confirming car fire is out, unknown on injuries or how many, Units are arriving confirming reports and checking the occupants.
(7:16PM) Command confirming a head-on collision, assigning E5 to patient care with Med Unit.
(7:19PM) Command requesting a 2nd Med Unit to scene, reports 6 total patients at scene for triage. All hands working
(7:25PM) From command all 6 patients have refused transport, leaving command with E2 all others can go complete/available.
(7:35PM) Med Unit now in route to Havasu Regional with 2 patients