Injury Accident

Posted on Wednesday, March 16th, 2016 at 7:47 PM

Our team is coming on duty to overhear a report of a vehicle accident at unknown block number of Jamaica Blvd.

Three patients have been transported to the hospital.

There will be road closure information momentarily added to this post.

We will listen to the recording at the top of the hour and update the post with any additional information available.

PD alert = Avoid Lake Havasu Avenue from Pena Drive to Palmer Drive until further notice due to traffic incident.

On the archive we heard that one vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed and rolled. Occupant was ejected from the vehicle and found laying in the street.

One 19-year old patient was extricated. Suffered from a head strike during airbag deployment. No loss of consciousness.

A second patient had a laceration to the leg.

1 patient was transported immediate the other two were delayed. All were transported as trauma alerts. Unknown if any flown out.

Alcohol may have been a factor in the accident.

UPDATE @ 10:03 PM FROM LHCPD: Lake Havasu Avenue from Pena Drive to Palmer Drive is now clear. Roadway is back open.

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26 comments on “Injury Accident”

  1. Debra Raines Pulido

    It’s where the street curves into Jamaica from Lake Havasu Ave. I’m watching it from my house but can’t tell how many vehicles involved.

  2. Mya Walters

    I saw from the 95 and I only saw 2.. but there was alot people so there could have been more involved or just on lookers.

  3. Tamara Poe

    There was two cars. One truck going up Jamaica rolled and hit the red SUV head-on. Lots of damage. Everyone should be OK, but pretty banged up.

  4. Paula Lyons

    I called this accident in, after it had just happened. People were standing everywhere, but PD had no call when , I reported it. Two vehicles were all , I saw. It was a small red SUV and a dark blue truck. It was pretty bad.

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