[FALSE ALARM] House Fire

Posted on Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 at 7:06 PM

Fire Department en route to 3100 block of Caliente Drive.

RP is one street over on Sombrero stating she can see flames coming from the residence.

Dispatch advising only one caller.

PD also en route.

First Engine arrived and advised they are unable to locate.  Investigating and will advise.

PD in the area advising they are unable to locate.

Additional incoming engines are staging.

Main Engine advising all other engines can cancel.  Warming Fire.



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22 comments on “[FALSE ALARM] House Fire”

  1. Aj Heeney Reply

    Our neighbor across the street from us was burning weeds in the empty lot next to her so my wife called it in. My wife didn’t want to make it a big deal, but dispatch said we have to send a fire truck.

  2. Ronda Huff Ernst Reply

    Burning weeds is not legal. Can’t be over 2 feet high. I think it’s great concerned citizens call but they should do a double check because it is not cheap for them to be rolling around looking for a fire that is completely safe and legal.

    • Andy Ward Reply

      This is as bad as bikes ride with or against traffic. Last year the City required you to contact FD, but, didn’t before. Wish they’d make-up their minds. I stand corrected.

    • Bryan Conroy Reply

      It says a bonfire does need a notification and permit,but does little to explain the difference between the 2…our tax dollars at work..


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