House Fire

Posted on Thursday, August 17th, 2017 at 6:40 AM

In the middle of the night, Lake Havasu City Fire personnel were dispatched to 130 Voyager Lane for a house fire.

Homeowners Jeff and Kelly McNaughton are thankful that they were able to get out in time, saying that 30 seconds delay could have cost them their lives. Unfortunately, their dog (Rebel) who Jeff affectionately called his “chemo dog” for having anyways been there through his chemotherapy, did not make it out alive.

Their insurance is providing a hotel and helping them find a place to rent. The essentials are needed.

Jeff McNaughton is an employee of Havasu Iron and Metal at 1909 Commander Drive.  The business has begun a donation drive for McNaughton’s financial recovery.  Havasu residence may give a cash donation in McNaughton’s name at the business. Jeff can also be reached at (928) 706-0118.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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5 comments on “House Fire”

  1. Joyce Debler Reply

    Very heart breaking, prayers to these folks! What breed of dog? I know when I was ill my dog was by my side constantly. The gentle mans employer is taking donations sorry I don’t remember who it is – check the newspaper, and please help.

  2. corey nash Reply

    I’m so sorry you lost Rebel or chemo, I’m glad you made it out with your wife. Rip pup they will find you at the rainbow bridge..

    • Lucy earn Reply

      Why didn’t helpJhelpJosh and his girlfriend they live thete.. and lost everything no plans to live .. they need help too… Now no car no house no clothes please help My son thank you….


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