House Fire

Posted on Saturday, July 15th, 2017 at 9:08 PM

Fire Department en route to 1561 Russell Drive. RP advising the house is on fire, unknown where the occupants are at this time.

Occupants were located outside the residence when FD arrived.



FD quickly knocked down the blaze.  Fire Investigator called to the scene to investigate.

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9 comments on “House Fire”

  1. Michelle Roy Reply

    Our friend just called us, said he helped an elderly man and a dog out of the home, hope no one else was in their! Prayers to all

  2. Doug Leonard Reply

    man and dog got out safely and they was only ones in the home at the time. He said there was no one else inside… Started on back porch and was on outside of home. do not know how far it got into the home but when first fire truck arived, they jumped right into it and knocked it out fast. Real proud to see them take fast action.

  3. Sarah Lynn Hoppe Reply

    I’m not sure who they got their info from. But it was not an elderly man and his dog. It was my fiancés coworkers house. No one was in the home. She has a husband and a child. No dog.

    • Doug Leonard Reply

      Well, let’s see… maybe due to the fact I was there and helped with dog and not older guy but he was stuck in wheelchair.


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