HOT CALL: Subject with a Weapon / Shots Fired

Posted on Wednesday, May 4th, 2016 at 10:40 PM

1500 block of Sea Swallow – Male and Female were verbal. Female has a firearm.

RP (male) heard a gun-shot, opened the bedroom door and the female is laying under the covers. Fire Department en route to the scene, will stage.

PD responding CODE 3 (lights and sirens)

Male will wait outside the residence for officers.

10:42 PM – Officers arriving on scene.

1o:45 PM – Officer en route to the Police Station to retrieve the Robot.

SWAT en route to scene. Communications switched to secure channel.

Approximately 1:00 AM SWAT made entry into the residence and made contact with a subject inside, then have a “Code 4” (scene under control).


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38 comments on “HOT CALL: Subject with a Weapon / Shots Fired”

  1. Duck Baldwin Reply

    said code 4 which i think is an all clear code…sounds like she might have gotten mad and had a negligent discharge (finger sitting in the wrong spot little to much pressure BAM!) and she got freaked out….sucks hope everyone is ok.

  2. Charlanne Comber Huber Reply

    Just what every neighborhood needs….an alcoholic who buys a gun for his tramp girlfriend! And he is getting a restraining order on her again? 3 shots fired is not an accident.

    • . Reply

      Not sure where you got your information from. It was a single shot fired.


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