Hit and Run 

Posted on Sunday, October 9th, 2016 at 8:03 PM

PD en route to the area of Ranchero and Saratoga for a hit and run.  RP advising  a subject hit their mailbox.  RP’s. Husband is driving around attempting to locate the suspect vehicle. 

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6 comments on “Hit and Run ”

  1. danceswithskunks Reply

    What type of vehicle? Someone keeps racing around here at night. Usually one black pickup truck (I think it’s black). One night there were two. It looked like road rage that time, but they go so fast, I only get a glimpse of their trucks in the dark. I did call PD for the possible road rage. THEN, a lady who walks her dogs pointed out at the school nearby last friday – tire “donut” tracks in the school front lawn! I have been hanging around outside around the same time of night with my phone camera ready, because I am tired of it. Our house is about the only one they’re going to hit if they lose control. A house can be replaced, or even a mailbox, but not a life.

    • Michelle Bowes Reply

      Unless you have one massive flash on that cell phone, you’re extremely unlikely to catch anything but a blur. The flash has to be bright enough to first shine a strong enough light onto the vehicle and then your phone appature needs to be fast enough to get a clear image of the vehicle vs just a blur. Sorry but a cell phone camera won’t cut it, you’ll need DSLR or even an SLR.

  2. Bobbi Reply

    Someone stopped us at my moms asking if it was us cuz I have a black truck. I had just pulled into the driveway. I understand being upset about the situation, but please don’t snap with attitude and then expect me to be nice or help. She said it was a blue or dark colored suburban style. I would guess there will be front end damage on said vehicle given they ran down mailboxes.


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