Happy New Year! 

Posted on Saturday, December 31st, 2016 at 4:11 PM

The Lake Havasu City Police Department, Lake Havasu City Fire Department, and Havasu Scanner Feed would like to wish the Havasu Community a safe and Happy New Year and remind everyone to celebrate responsibly. 

Don’t drink and drive! 

Officers will be ensuring everyone is safe by looking for impaired drivers. 

Remember your pets on New Years Eve. There will likely be fireworks and loud noise so keep your pets inside.

Be aware of your surroundings and report suspicious activity. 

Happy 2017!

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  1. Julie Ann Medina Reply

    Call a shuttle!!!!! There are enough of them out there 😃
    $5 Dollar Holler. (928) 208-3376
    Amore Shuttle. (928) 854-7744
    Day&Night Shuttle (928) 486-7208
    All Around Shuttle (928) 486-9738
    Just to name a few…..

    Stay safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

    • Paula Lyons Reply

      Yep, have been for about a month now. Lots of people have posted on Orchids and Onions about it. But no one is saying what it is if they know.

  2. Lynnette Comer Reply

    I know many of you will be going out to celebrate this evening, I hope tonight is the start of a fantastic year!
    Ladles and gentleman, there is absolutely no reason to drink and drive tonight! I know there are several options to avoid this problem.
    Tipsy Tow being one of them. AAA Will take you and your car home.
    I ask that you all think about the outcomes of driving drunk. During the week you are a successful business person, great job, family, nice home, toys. Living the dream! Say tonight you have 2 drinks and a shot over 4 hours and had some appetizers. You should be fine to drive, it is not that far to drive anyway, right?
    You are driving home and doing fine, you got this. You get a text asking you to come to an after party, you quickly glance at your phone and when you look up, you realize that you have drifted into the opposite lane. There is a small car right in front of you, You don’t have the reflexes to get out of the way in time. Your cars hit head on, the air bag and the smoke blocks your vision, you are hurting from the impact, but urgently want to see what happened to the other car. You manage to get out of your car and go to check on the other car. There you see, Mother, Father, and one small child in the back. The parents had just finished dinner and had picked up the little one from the sitter. The parents didn’t buckle the little one in correctly because he was so fussy, and it’s not that far to drive right? The mother is pregnant with their second child and was just tired. As you get closer to the car you see that the mother has somehow gone thru the windshield, the air bag didn’t work! The father was hit as your car continued down the side of thiers. His left arm is shredded, his head is bleeding, and he can’t move his legs. You look to the back seat to check on the child, not having the seat belt right he was thrown forward and hit his head on the car door as it came crashing in. He is breathing, thank God. You attempt to get him out of the car, but can not get the door open. Suddenly you are dissy and perspiring, maybe you should sit down, you are not feeling well. The paramedics come and immediately start assessing the family. The child is brought out and laying on a gurney, the neck stabilizer almost consumes his little head. He is banged up, but breathing, and rushed to the hospital. By this time the mother has been pulled out and placed on a gurney. Her face has deep gashes from the windshield,as she is rolled past you, you notice the bottom of her dress and her legs are covered in blood. You can’t tell if she is alive, you start feeling dissy again, the paramedic checking on you suggests that you go to the hospital, you are so disoriented you think this is a good idea. The paramedics and firemen continue manipulating the car to free the father. As the father is pulled from the car, paramedics put him on a gurney and realize that his legs are crushed from the engine. He is rushed to the hospital.
    At the hospital. You are being treated for cuts and a broken wrist. The nurse steps out of the room and you can finally lay back and close your eyes without being poked and twisted. You hear the nurses talking about the accident and you listen intently, please let everyone be ok. They are talking about the baby as the Dr. Walks up. “What is your diagnosis Dr.?” Asks a nurse. “Unfortunately, the child is brain dead, no activity at all.”
    “The mother is still in surgery, she has lost quite a bit of blood. The baby she was carrying has been removed, she never would have made it to term, the mother will be paralyzed if she makes it. The father is still in surgery, they are trying to save the legs, but it is not looking good. He will never walk again.” The nurses are saddened, but they have seen it so many times before, why do people think that they can just have one or two and still drive?
    You realize that they are talking about you! You were fine, you were just a little buzzed, just then a police officer walks in. “It is time to go now” he says, he reads you your rights and you ask, ” What am I being charged with officer? ” “DUI, EXTREME DUI, your blood alcohol was twice the legal limit. 3 counts of vehicular manslaughter, the mother did not make it and the fetus died, the child is brain dead, and the father will never walk again, they just could not save his legs”. “There will be other charges for sure, but right now we need to get you booked into jail.”
    What is happening? Your head is spinning and everything feels jumbled. You realize that you had better get a lawyer. The lawyer calls and begins explaining how everything will go. You will stay in jail due to the severity of the charges. It is for the best anyway, you can start serving your mandatory year in jail immediately. You will need to find a proxy to handle the sale of assets, the fines will be at least $6,000. And then there are legal fees, and the lawsuit for wrongful death.” My God, what have I done?” Your attorney says ” You chose to drink and drive and now I will walk you through the process of jail time, loosing your license, court fines, and we will find a defense attorney for the manslaughter charges. I will do my best to get you the best deal, but you are looking at some serious jail time. ”
    Just a little buzzed, and look at the devastation you caused by not calling a cab. You will loose your job, your family will be bankrupt, you will be scorned by your community for killing so many people. You will spend years in jail. Your heart is racing and you startle awake.
    You are in your car, keys on the seat next to you. You must have passed out, you quickly grab your phone and call AAA. As the tow truck driver drops your car in your driveway, you approach to thank him, you give him a generous tip. “Thank you, very much for getting me home safely,
    I am glad I did not drive.” 2017 is going to be a great year!
    Written by Lynnette Comer

    • OZZY Reply

      Your out of control Lynnette Comer! I think you need to get some sleep if you know what I mean. Lol. WOW!


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