Gary Christian’s 9-1-1 Call and PD Axon Video

Posted on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2016 at 6:31 PM

The initial Domestic Violence Call:
DR#16-4193 9-1-1 CALL LINK

The follow-up just prior to Devon Scott’s encounter with Police:
DR#16-4197 9-1-1 CALL LINK

PD Axon Video of Gary Christians Arrest:
External Link To Vid

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    • Torri Shed Reply

      In the video he shoved a cop. I understand he was upset about his son but he can shove a cop and not expect to get thrown to the ground..

    • Jordan Yingling Reply

      No he didn’t if u watch the video that’s the cops hand moving the camera Gary’s hands are behind his back. He would have been charge for assaulting an officer of he shoved a cop

    • Christy Brown Reply

      Although It did look like a shove or attempt but I’m torn by this video. The cameras are horrible and when you find out your child has just been shot and killed how do expect one to react? No matter the circumstances. Seems like alot of officers against this one guy. And really you can’t tell if he was resisting due to the lack of quality. I pray for this family.

    • Bryan Brittany Wood Reply

      He asked for a supervisor and the cops did not like that. You here him say “don’t look at me like that” and then the struggle was on. This is a royal fuck up. From a civil rights point of view.

    • Lee Ann Jones Reply

      There seemed to be some struggle on the 911 call, I honestly doubt this is all attributed to the takedown when he would not stop resisting. I can say that my mother is older, her skin is thin and it would not take much for her to have thesemarks.

  1. Stacee Wiles Reply

    Those that do not wear the uniform should never judge. !! .. I’m sure those that think this was “hyped up cops” should listen to the call from the father.. The child screaming …the hang up….. NONE of this is good..!!
    These officers have to go in and handle this call in the dark. Literally… The SECOND call!! They don’t know the family history. They don’t know what’s behind the door! They don’t know what these people are capable of or what they might do….think about it.. !!!!
    Then think about how many times that YOU get upset on your job and what exactly it was about??? ….Was your life in danger that day?? ….Was your life in danger EVERYDAY??? I say NO !!

    • Jordan Yingling Reply

      And how have u heard the 911 call considering that’s evidence and they won’t even give that to the father they told him he couldn’t view ANY footage until the investigation is over hours later this was posted. A civilian runs this page he should not have this video

    • Jordan Yingling Reply

      Not only that but I’ve known someone who had multiple knifes and the cops walked up to him no weapons and his videos r clear as day so. Why did they enter a home for a domestic disturbance guns drawn. I’ve been around Devin when he was screaming and yelling he isn’t that fucking scary

    • Jordan Yingling Reply

      And yes they did know theve been there before. They were not in the fucking dark not only that but they brought riot mats to tackle him and none of them were used

    • Deemaku Williams Reply

      Thats what i want to know, we are being told this is still under investigation and they wont release anything to the ones who were there. Yet, here it is on scanner feed!!?

    • Paul Reubens Reply

      “Those that do not wear the uniform should never judge” might be the dumbest thing I’ll hear all month. I agree with all your other points though.

  2. Christine Yates Reply

    This young person did not deserve to die… That’s the bottom line people. My heart goes out to the family & his poor daughter who will never get the chance to know her father. This is just horrible

    • Robyn Lyn Reply

      Right! That child for to hear everything. It was bad choices on everyone’s part. I would have left. No way my child would here that going on.

  3. Bryan Peguero Reply

    I got money down that the cameras of how many officers either A. didn’t work at the time or B. only got some of the actions. or C. were broken. any bets?

    • Jordan Yingling Reply

      That’s what we’re saying dude they r going to be like oh this footage went missing or some shit I fucking swear to God this video is either tampered with or his camera wasn’t working cop cams rnt this blurry

  4. Dennise Blank Reply

    I was going to say how terrible and blurry the video is. I have a crappy little small world video that has 100 times better picture than the police cameras. How can that be?

  5. Becky Hofstetter Reply

    This is such A heartbreaking tragedy a father lost his son and a daughter lost her father . Seems to be everyone has opinion . No one will ever know how desperate this situation was. The father called to get his son help and it ended in such a tragic way . RIP Devon and may our hearts be with Gary in this time of sorrow .

  6. chris Reply

    was Devon’s little girl in the room with him when he had the knife? did he threaten his father with the knife?

  7. Jill DeRuiter Reply

    Thoughts go out to the officer, he did his job and dammit he made it home. News flash don’t wield a knife and ignore commands and you won’t get dumped. All the keyboard jockeys and CSI specialists can take a seat. These men go into a home they were called to because the father was scared. They did work and made it home. You want better body cams for your officers ?? Contact your city council – they don’t pay these guys shit and you all expect them to have the best equipment ?? Their budgets are a joke.

  8. Ronny Reply

    Devin was a known coke/meth head among other things. He had to have been on meth during this incident because he wasn’t like this a few months ago. People who know him know that he recently developed a bad drug habit. Another family is torn apart from drugs. Very sad to see a good person turn bad. πŸ™

  9. Commonsense Reply

    This is sick you just killed his child and now you turn on the camera. Its a sad place when 2+ police officers with tasers and made can’t subdue a 20 yr old with a knife. I hope this man sues the shit out of our beautiful city anyone with a brain can see the holes in this situatio.. Im sure this makes the citizens of Lake Havasu who are possibly scared in a domestic violence situation want to call the police first because they’re who protect us.

  10. Havasu Scanner Feed Reply

    We asked PD about the quality of the video cam and was informed they placed a blur filter over the footage as standard practice for video released to the public.

    • Jordan Yingling Reply

      Because it’s evidence it shouldn’t be covered up they should show how they slammed a 69 year old man into the ground when he begged them to stop. And yes videos in the same situation

    • Melanie Carey Reply

      Its still under investigation. they slammed him to the ground because even in the video it shows him come at the cops and getting physical with them . I’m sure after the investigation it will be in the paper .

    • Paige Amanda Grey Reply

      At least the real situation showed people what really happened. He came towards the cop and got taken down. That happens. They aren’t covering up anything the video is right out there.

    • Jordan Yingling Reply

      He’s 69 years old walked up with his hands behind his back u people crack me up xD cops rnt aloud to tackle people Wtf ptsd ✌

    • Jordan Yingling Reply

      He did nothing wrong if he was such a threat y didn’t the cop feel dangered by him and shoot him πŸ˜‚ They could have restrained him not tackled him next time I go over there I’ll make sure to take a picture of how much blood is outside from him doing this to him

    • Paige Amanda Grey Reply

      He didn’t have a weapon. He’s an old man that got tackled, there’s going to be blood on the ground. So now you want the cops to shoot more people?

    • Jordan Yingling Reply

      They might as well have. He did nothing wrong he is not just an old man he’s a veteran who went to war so u could sit here and talk shit on his son. He did nothing wrong they should not have tackled him uncalled for

    • Jordan Yingling Reply

      Righr!!! Bryan Peguero They told the father he could not view any footage or evidence until the investigation is over hours later the video of him being “arrested” and the 911 phone call got released both evidence but u know they can just do whatever they want

    • Bryan Peguero Reply

      these police investigate eachother which is wrong!! when all this is done regardless call the feds and report this is Ohx I believe. That’s when shit gets real

    • Jordan Yingling Reply

      I wanna know why someone with multiple knifes and a machete got approached no weapons and they never killed the kid handcuffed him but they go to domestic disturbance guns drawn.

    • Jordan Yingling Reply

      And no one is an angry mob agents this cop We don’t think the whole thing is completely true some of it already proven to be lies we just want the truth

  11. Jennafer Zatezalo Reply

    First of all, if that were to happen in Los Angeles County, that kid would have been riddled with bullets. Law Enforcement provides a service of protection, these guys aren’t hired killers. The Mohave County Sheriff’s Department responded to a 911 phone call that was made by the kids Father, a man that has served for our country in Viet Nam. So for someone to show such a threat to where his own Father didn’t feel safe and calls 911, it’s not the deputies fault for responding to a call for a service they provide. Sounds like the kid had some issues that resulted in suicide by cop??

  12. Matt Schlerf Reply

    We are in a time when everybody wants transparency from their police. This is really a good thing. In a world that is media driven and with social media, how does anyone expect this story, video and audio to be kept out of the media and off social media? This type of family violence incident just doesn’t blossom and happen all in one day. My spidey sense tells me that there is much more information and a long road to finally get to the day where this young man lost his life. The whole thing is tragic for everybody involved. I am sure that there will be clarity once the investigation is complete. The difficult part for the family is that they have no idea how the cops do these investigations. They don’t know about certain laws and policies that they are bound to follow. The family also doesn’t realize that the police will not talk about this investigation with the family at this point due to any possible litigation that could come. Many people think they know how these things go but in fact, they really don’t unless they are in the business. The police solve disturbances of varying degrees all day long. Most are resolved without having to use any force. Cops react to what people are doing or not doing. They just don’t come in shooting, beating and then asking questions later. It will take time for all the facts to get out there. Kingman PD has a ton of work to do, they will wait for medical reports, toxicology reports and all of this information will likely be reviewed by the local district attorney’s office to see if the cops followed the law. Havasu Pd will also review all of this to see if their cops violated any department policies. In the end, not everyone will be happy-just wont happen.

  13. Audrey Harper Reply

    Jordan. I hope you realize how ignorant you sound on here. Anyone with any moral compass and education realize that the police officers were just doing their job and bad choices lead to bad consequences. Don’t get me wrong, I feel bad for the boy and his family, but if you are into drugs and weapons……you reap what you sow!

    • April Durkin Reply

      Do you have the autopsy report? Did you drug test him? Did you see him doing drugs that day? Did you see him in his room with a knife in his hand when he was shot? Sorry, but anyone with education and moral compass wouldn’t say that unless they knew it for a fact.

  14. Saraohara Reply

    Who else can’t wait for the video and details to be released so this Jordan dipshit can stfu? Lol. I’m sure he will still say the footage was fake and the cops lied, but oh well he wasn’t there and everybody with brains and eyeballs can see all of his claims are bullshit so far.

  15. Cherith Morgan Reply

    The whole situation is sad!!!! However, this young man was out of control!!!! Then after this young man was killed, the father was out of control!!! And that I can understand!!! But, the police can’t read minds, and you never know what a person will do when they have lost it!!!! The police did what they had too!!! Regardless of what anyone thinks!!!! Bottom line…. Don’t do the crime, and this shit won’t happen!!! B

  16. Christine Peterson Reply

    I’m sorry to see this incident but sad thing is the video shows BEFORE the altercation with the son. The father is combative and down right obnoxious. The officers hear there’s a child involved. Devin had a criminal history. Look up his history on the search public cases through Mohave County Courts. Just days PRIOR he had was arrested for several offenses. We do not know a lot that happened. It’s easy to blame the cops, but they are obviously putting up with extreme disfunction. That man knew his kid was trouble and apple many times doesn’t fall far from the tree. What ever happened to setting good examples for our children??? This happened PRIOR to the incident. Not after!! He’s not upset his son was shot at this point. I have had to call the pd on my son. Broke my heart, but I knew the possible outcome. My son was out of his mind on drugs and it’s my job to protect the public including family members! I knew this could be a possible outcome, but my first responsibility is to the innocent out there! Stop beating down our pd dept. Wait for the facts! I’ve not once been abused by any police officer ever in my life because I show RESPECT! Look at the records people. Extremely Troubled kid! Put the blame where it belongs and stop looking for scapegoats!

    • Robyn Lyn Reply

      Take ownership. If you read the newspaper article dad even says he has had anger and drug problems since high school. Sounds like it was the schools fault. No one got help for this kids that turned into an adult who thought the cops wouldn’t hurt him if he came after them with a knife. Should have been taught better and gotten help. But in the end a life was taken and a baby is with her father. But looking at the past of beating his gf who knows how far it would have gone. I hope more parents seek help for their kids.

    • Christine Peterson Reply

      Sadly, most blame something else anymore. It’s not always due to parenting. I’ve seen fantastic parents end up w monsters and on other hand I’ve seen crazy generational disfunction and of course it’s going to go wrong. Kids think it’s normal to be asses. It’s this culture today of not taking ownership and stepping up to tackle the issues. Blame the school, blame the cops, blame the neighbors, blame the gfs, blame the bfs, but how dare you blame the brats who create their own issues. I’m sick of seeing people act like morons. This community needs more mental health programs and drug programs. And start holding your children accountable for their actions.

      • Michelle Sheffield Reply


        Attesting to the truth of your statement April, as I have had the pleasure of knowing you daily on a professional level

  17. April Durkin Reply

    Several weeks ago officers
    surrounded a house in my neighborhood. I wasn’t home, but the neighbors told me that this guy they were attempting to arrest wouldn’t come out of the house (not his) that he ran in to. He’s a felon, a known violent criminal, known drug addict, with a criminal history way worse & longer than Devin’s I’m assuming. And I’m assuming these officers didn’t know if the guy had a weapon. So the officers threw in some kind of grenades (pepper spray?) (instead of busting through the door to confront someone within close proximity, like Devin who was obviously in a super emotional state indicated by the dispatch recordings, not knowing if the person has a weapon)…they threw the smoke grenades/whatever they were, in to assist in disabling the guy from using any weapons if he had any. They chose to try non-lethal tactics first, and were able to arrest him without anyone being shot or killed. Just sayin”!!! And to everyone calling people “cop haters” if they question anything, I’m not a “cop hater” so don’t try to label me as one. I’ve met a lot of them I like, but I’ve also met a few who are corrupt, evil, scary people. I think it’s always important to question people “in power” or else it gets out of control. I’m Not saying that cops that have to defend themselves are always in the wrong, but it’s important to make sure they are doing it Right. If your child or loved one became mentally unstable at some point and was killed by an officer instead of them trying to do every thing they could to diffuse the situation, would you say “oh well, my child/brother/husband/etc deserved it. He should have listened to the police immediately, even though his brain was not functioning/processing correctly at the time.” ? I bet you wouldn’t. You would probably be saying, “Why did they have to do that? Why didn’t they try this…”. Sometimes parents call 911 for help because they just need help getting their kid/family members/friends calmed down. Sometimes they call because they’re just pissed off at their kids. I’m sure most cops are good people, but don’t try to say that they don’t make mistakes. And don’t try to deny that there are evil ones out there. I would bet money that sadistic people are drawn to positions with power over others. When I was 16 years old here in Havasu in the 90’s I had been in the old Hastings and bought a soda and a cd. I sat on the nearby stairs with some friends, waiting for my parents to pick me up. Some officers came and said we had to leave because we were loitering. I asked “Do I have to leave? I just purchased this stuff and I’m waiting for a ride”. I’m not going to name the officer, but one said “leave now or I’ll arrest you”. I asked how I could be arrested when I wasn’t doing anything wrong and he said “I’ll arrest you for possession of drugs”. I said that I don’t do drugs and he wouldn’t find them on me. He said “Oh yes I will!”. I was in shock. I just left of course. Definitely made me afraid of them for awhile. Then as an adult, an officer arrested me for “false information to a police officer” after I had told the truth. I was put in county jail for a few days. I’ve never been to jail or arrested before, I consider myself a good person and I don’t do bad things to others. Almost lost my career at the time. I was so scared. One of the most horrible moments in my life. Later it was proven that I did tell the truth, but it’s still on my record permanently. Awhile later I was informed that the officer that had arrested me was drunk driving and crashed their car into someone’s home. And a few years back someone showed me video of a local police officer doing cocaine and smoking pot at a party. Those are just some of my experiences. If you expect me (and others) to trust every single one of them and not question them at all (especially when a person is Dead) you are out of your mind! And you’re delusional if you don’t know the facts yet yourself and defend them blindly. You’re delusional if you don’t think they ever make mistakes or deny that some of them are bad apples. Even cops themselves know that there are bad cops out there. Look at the Ex-Havasu cop that is being charged with 48 felonies for things he did while he was an officer! I happen to like most of the police officers in Havasu that I have met through working in the community. They’re good people. But obviously not all of them. I’m not saying the cop in this case is a bad person or did anything wrong. I’m saying that you shouldn’t say “their just doing their job” and defend them blindly when you don’t have all the facts. And his family are in shock and grieving, trying to cope with losing a loved one, so it’s just disgusting for people to blame the dad or the victim at this moment in time. You Don’t know what happened either. You’re just being judgmental, no different than people blaming the cops. And to people that say “cops just dont go around killing people who don’t deserve it”, you are wrong. It has & does happen. Go watch the video of the 2 police officers that beat Kelly Thomas to death while he cried for his father and begged for his life. “They were just doing their jobs”? Disgusting! “He deserved it” because he shouldn’t have been a homeless mentally ill/disabled person who didn’t understand what was going on?? He didn’t hurt anyone. He wasn’t a threat to the officers. So yeah…it does happen. Quit trying to act like it doesn’t. None of us know anything unless we were there. So nobody should be blaming anyone. End of rant. I can’t think about this anymore. It’s making me sick. RIP Devin.

  18. Tanya Kozlowski Reply

    This is a sad situation for all involved, Devon and his family and also the LHPD, Domestic violence is never a good situation. When things go wrong I tend to look at the whole situation,how could a situation be handled better? I keep asking myself why didn’t that taser work? Why don’t the cops carry billy clubs anymore. While growing up we always referred to the police as PEACE OFFICERS, you never hear them being called that anymore. what also enters my mind is that unless the police officers know you they really don’t know what they are dealing with. When a police officer tells you to drop a weapon or put your hands up , you do as told and if you don’t like it , fight it out in court. That taser should of worked and it failed, so how can this keep from ever happening again? Test your equipment before hitting the road, this means all radios, cameras, tasers, and yes even guns. Also bring back the billy club. That billy club could of saved a life.And also saved the officer from having to live with a death of a young adult. Domestic violent disputes can escalate at a alarming rate so fast sometimes. Any parent that would of been in this situation might of reacted in the same way knowing their kid was just shot, I feel it was the officers duty to protect himself from any harm, but I also feel in this situation the father should of been restrained and an ambulance called to bring him to a hospital that has professionals that are trained to deal with emotional issues during times of any trauma.This is clearly a traumatic incident to the father as well as all involved. This is truly a sad , sad situation.

  19. Deserie verduzco Reply

    This makes me mad big fuckin deal the kid was drunk . You can hear him saying he’s not resisting asking cops to stop . Why didn’t they just hand cuff him when they had the chance fuckin VIPs , Idgaf what anybody says to me fuck that rookie bitch pepper spray would of done the job poor kid

    • Johnson Reply

      Hey dumbass, that video wasn’t the kid getting arrested. It was the father. You’re not only late to the party, but also a fucking idiot. That’s a horrible combination.

  20. Deserie verduzco Reply

    This is bullshit ehy is scanner feed posting this shit a kid lost his life , I would sue the fuck out of some one for exploiting my dead child , but then scanner feed deletes comments they don’t approve of

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