Firefighters Fight Two Separate Fire Incidents

Posted on Monday, October 24th, 2016 at 10:33 AM

Several Engines were called out in the middle of the night after two separate fires were located by an on-duty police officer in the area. The first was a dumpster fire at Enterprise Drive behind Safelite. The second was a set of pallets near ABC Supply at Acoma and Enterprise. Before engines could arrive to the second location, the officer advised that the fire was traveling up the telephone pole and making contact with wires. Officers traveled around the area in an attempt to locate any possible suspects.

Based on the items that were on fire, these incidents are believed to be Arson related.

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17 comments on “Firefighters Fight Two Separate Fire Incidents”

  1. Kelly Madden Reply

    My husband works at ABC Supply and is dealing with the clean up now. It could have been a lot worse but still wish people had better things to do…

  2. Brian Goddard Reply

    We woke up Saturday morning and I found ashes all over our boat and cars also. And we live on commander. And then ofcourse the power outage last night.

  3. Painterz Reply

    Wow! Our power went out around 2:00 this morning and the non emergancy number at PD said the pole had caugt on fire and several folks were with out power! My whole block had no electricity for at least a hour! What a bunch of jack wagons for doing this! Grow up! Karma will burn you‼️


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