Elementary Student Refusing School Due To Bullying Issue

Posted on Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 at 8:18 AM

A parent outside a school (we will not disclose) is requesting officer adjustable.  His child refuses to get out of the vehicle and go into school due to a bullying issue.

We don’t typically post calls at schools, but felt the issue of bullying should be made to parents in our community. This is why we didn’t mention which school.

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  1. Amanda Lain

    Hope the school addresses the issues. It isn’t right that a kid has to refuse to get out of the safety of their car to try and stay away from a bully. The school should have already handled this!

  2. Cori Lynn Reed

    Sad thing is the way adults talk to other adults do we really think children aren’t going to follow. Most children that are bullies have parents that are bullies.

  3. Bernadetta Leyden

    I feel so sorry for the kid..prayers for him and i hope that school does something along with the kids parents who is bullying the kid.

  4. Kristan C RN

    I hope the police were involved to deal with the bullying and not because the child refused to get out of the car.

  5. Tina Chris Beyers

    I know everyone has an opinion on handling a bully but talking to parents and the kid usually gets nowhere but more bullying because u told on them parents need to stop making kids the victim’s and start teaching them how to defend themselves most bullies pick on the kids they feel wont fight back, well punches to the face will usually put a quick stop to it. I know every situation is different but along with everything else we’ve taught our kids to be the victim to just ignore it and that’s not the way we should raise them. Fighting back is not every answer but its one that usually works.

    • David Fredericks

      I do agree to a point… I’ve always taught my kids to try to get out of the situation, but if it continues and they feel threatened, by all means you do what you need to do to protect yourself… Best defense is a strong offense…

  6. Viviana Sandez

    Sometimes the teachers don’t even do anything. My little sister is in middle school and she constantly comes to me crying about her bullies. One time they stole her pencil box out of her backpack and hid it and the teacher told her to simply get over it. She’s even had a book thrown at her head and got called a bitched and she finally said something back and she was the one who got into trouble. She’s gone to the counselor and my mom has even gone to the school but it still continues.

  7. Nicolette Lee Hiott

    I reposted this yesterday! More parents need to be examples teach their children respect and love. Remember hurt kids hurt others it’s not just because they want to be mean there is something deeper. Take action on both sides if your kid is the bully or being bullied. It’s really tragic how bullying can affect a child through adulthood.

    • Rhianna Newcomb

      Its so true! Kids younger and younger are dying because of bullies. It’s a sad truth that needs to be addressed. I would do the same with my daughter if I found out she was being a bully.

    • Julie Poolman-Jackson

      Wait – someone hit their child to get them to quit hitting another child? Bullying is not okay for kids or adults either! There are so many better idea to parent your child rather than hitting them!

    • Michelle Bowes

      Like I said in another thread, it’s only going to get worse in a world where everyone gets a trophy. I agree, there isn’t any discipline anymore and that’s part of the problem.

  8. Duck Baldwin

    I hope the kid is brave enough to tell them who is doing this so it can be handled…so many times the kid just wants to hide…I hope he can be strong.

  9. Maggie Perkinson

    This makes me sad. Kids can be so cruel. Obviously cruel enough that this kid doesn’t want to go to school. πŸ˜” are there many homeschool options in Havasu?

    • Selina Cecilia

      I’m hearing about so many kids getting bullied… It makes me really sad and infuriates me at the same time. People need to teach their children love and acceptance… Not being ignorant asses.

  10. Jessica Woodward

    Perhaps the community can put together a children friendly “walk” to make kids more aware of bullying, and it not be ok! #stopbullying

  11. Lori Truesdell

    I’ve had 4 children go through Havasu schools, 1 still attending. ALL have dealt with bullying! The first 2 I did the “turn the other cheek” route…boy was I naive! The third, I again tried the go up the ladder to see who could help. You know what helped? My son finally had enough and clocked the little bastard! NO MORE BULLYING! The fourth was put in Taekwondo at the age of 6 and learned SELF DEFENSE! He now is very good in Krav Maga.

    Havasu schools and the “hall monitors” may talk the talk but they do not walk the walk! Teach your child SELF DEFENSE. That is everyone’s right especially if the school can’t provide a safe place for your child to learn! **Which by the way they are legally suppose to provide last time I checked ***.

    • Debbie Hoskins

      Too many children live in homes where some type of bullying is common. Children learn from their parents and peers. Parents DO need to be held accountable for the actions of their children especially when they become the school bully.

  12. Jessica Lyn Bardett

    I feel for the child and parent I went through this issue with 2 of my kids and the sad part is the schools did nothing to stop it even went as high as the school board. now I am home schooling them all and they are doing better now then they ever did in school and the home schooling provides all the materials you need for free. I do pray that the issue for this child and parent gets resolved better then mine did.

    • Debbie Hoskins

      Seriously? Why would you want a conversation about a subject such as bullying to be taken down? So you can hide your head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist? This is a subject that we as parents should all be aware of and learn from. I would certainly want my daughter to be able to freely come to me if she were being bullied! To be able to tell me who is doing the bullying. No I do not support violence against violence but I too tell my little girl that if she cannot walk away from someone who is being a bully, the defend yourself the best you can. Take it down? NO I SAY LEAVE IT UP. It’s a good post!

    • Sonia Aguilar

      I am and where that you were trying to stop the bullying in Havasu but whoever is posting things for Havasu Scanner Feed is very unprofessional

    • Debbie Hoskins

      I work with my child daily to help her NOT to be a bully and also to not be a victim of bullying. There is nothing unprofessional about this post and is something that each and every person in our community should be aware of.

    • Sonia Aguilar

      We are entitled to our own opinion so you’re going to continue to beat down whatever comment I put wouldn’t that be considered bullying? Weather you believe im wrong or right.

    • Linda Anderson Messervy

      Sonia Aguilar I’m curious to know why you believe posting this is unprofessional. I’m neither agreeing nor disagreeing with you. I truly want to know why you think this.

    • Havasu Scanner Feed

      Nobody is “bullying” you here Sonia Aguilar. Never said you were right or wrong or argued with you – simply said the post would not be removed. Sorry you feel were “unprofessional”.

    • Debbie Hoskins

      Sonia Aguilar no I am not bullying you but I can’t agree with you that Havasu scanner feed is unprofessional in posting this “message” to the community. I too would be very interested in why you “ordered” that the post be taken down.

  13. Moe Jo Angelcor

    This is sad!! I remember jumping out of the car at a stop light when my mom was taking me to school. I was being bullied. I got in 2 different fist fights too . On in gym locker room and one on school bus. Then i moved back east because school said it would be best. I went to live with my aunt in Ohio

    • Silvia Dominguez

      I was bullied too in 4th grade. I still remember how traumatized I felt. I did everything I could to get out of going to school. It was horrible. After I had kids I told myself I would never let this happen to them. My prayers are with this child. πŸ’—

  14. Cynder Goldsmith

    This is pathetic. This should have been dealt with before the child was this scared to go to school. Teachers NEED to be more aware of what kids are saying to each other on the play ground or recess, not just watching to see if one gets hurt physically. I see the teachers on the play ground.. stand in one spot, talk amongst themselves. . Not do anything unless a kid is pulling on their leg.. ALL SCHOOLS NEED A BUDDY BENCH! if someone is sitting on it all kids know someone HAS to go help them, talk to them, play with them, and TEACHERS need to find out whats going on and DO SOMETHING about it!

  15. Kori Stocker O'Connell

    Very sad. My oldest son was bullied very badly in elementary school (not here but in a different state). He was even stabbed in the rib with a pencil. Teachers did nothing up until that point. They were going to give that kid a slap of the wrist. I pushed and pushed the issue until they finally expelled that child. The point is, we have to advocate for our children. Be their voices when dealing with these issues.

  16. Sydney Costello

    When I got my life threatened in grade school, all the teachers did was sit us down for “mediation”. All it did was make matters way, way worse. The school didn’t care that another girl was threatening to kill me. Things haven’t changed. Good job, Havasu.

  17. Karen Brown

    A child should NOT be called a tattle tale for reporting it either. That did happen in this town.

  18. Melissa Salerno

    This is why my daughter no longer goes to public school even when bringing it to the school they did NOTHING about it.

  19. Jodie Case Ferguson

    Most the time the teachers and principals don’t do ANYTHING. Guarantee you tho if you posted the name of the school the principal would be doing whatever it took to protect their reputation because that’s what matters to them! My kid defends himself when bullied and now has a target on his back from the staff. It’s pathetic, kids should not have to stress about being bullied when they go to school!

    • Cori Lynn Reed

      When MyCala went to smoketree there was a kid that bullied her everyday took almost 6 months but they finally expelled the kid. Even though they finally expelled him she had to put up with being picked on and hit for all them months. Sad most kids don’t say what’s going on at school because they don’t do anything so it just gets worse for the kid.

    • Christy Brown

      My son had his pants pulled down in smoke tree and his shoes taken off..they didn’t do anything. I’ve never had an issue with oro grande the principal has a zero tolerance

    • Jodie Case Ferguson

      Cori and Christy that’s horrible! We definitely have to speak up for our kids, were their voice! It’s hard to send them to school when you know you’re not there to protect them and the people that are supposed to be watching out for them don’t always have their best interest in mind. I was bullied in school and the wake up call for my bullies was the columbine shooting. We were in lock down on the campus together during the shooting. I never want my kids to have to go through what I went through that’s why principals and teachers need to take bullying more serious and be proactive.

    • Cori Lynn Reed

      I haven’t had to deal with bullying in a long time. So I’m not sure how the schools deal with it now. Doesn’t seem much better. I know a little girl that is always picked on at Oro grande and she’s seemed to of given up telling because nothing really gets done. Not long term anyway.

  20. Jill Silar-Richeal

    No child should be afraid to go to school because another kid is a little asshole! Unfortunately due to the zero tolerance issue, if a child defends themselves they can be punished as much as the child doing the bullying. And parents won’t punish their child if they are the bully. Until schools start holding the bully and the bullies parents responsible and not punishing the child defending themselves nothing will change.

  21. Tami McLaughlin Cotton

    My daughter was severely bullied in Havasu from 6th grade on, we finally moved. We went to court, got orders of protection etc, it was so bad that when we tried to address it we got threats from the parents. Again back to court to get protection orders from them as well. We had our house egged, spray painted etc. There are no ramifications for kids in Havasu. They get arrested and go straight home, no jail time. Parents don’t control their kids because they’re usually out partying or showing them it’s ok to be this way or simply can’t because the kids get away with everything and cops don’t allow parents to discipline and the kids no it. Havasu is the worst when it comes to bullying. Teachers, police and most parents just don’t care, and the ones that do have no recourses available or support to deal with it.

  22. Jode Keasler

    This makes me so sad! Kids can be so mean… But where do they learn to be that hateful? At home? At school? To me it seems as though if the child was taught right from wrong at home (with strict consequences for non-adherence), they would recognize a bad decision and hopefully realize the consequences of making that bad decision BEFORE they make it. (I know my worst fear was disappointing my parents)

    I also think kids are afraid to even mention they’re being bullied to anyone for fear of being “labeled” weak or a loser. If the kids could just realize what is happening to them now is NOT forever and things WILL get better… “Consider the source” of the bullying and realize the bullies are actually the “sad” ones and the ones who need help! They are usually doing it to make themselves feel better..

    Just my 2 cents from someone who has experienced it…

    • Nicole Boon

      I don’t put my “2 cents in” because I don’t have time for the negativity & bashing! But ur comment is right on! For ppl to blame “Havasu” is ridiculous! This happens in every city & every state, and has happened forever! A bully is a bully & learns it somewhere or is acting out! As a parent of two elementary boys I don’t need this post to let me know what’s going on. I will also say not all schools are the same & I am proud of the school & community I choose to raise my boys!

    • Jode Keasler

      Nicole Boon I feel you on the negativity/ bashing for sure…. I thought hard before I posted it but it is near and dear to my heart. And for the record, I am from back East! πŸ˜‰

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