Door To Door Scam


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Mohave County Sheriff’s Office is warning the public of a door to door repair service scam.  The victim believes the team of two Hispanic male subjects followed him home from a local store.  The victim said that he was driving his Dodge truck when he returned home.  The subjects knocked on the victim’s front door and advised him that they could repair the damaged bumper on his truck for $370 and they would also include fixing two other dents on his truck.

The victim agreed to the price and the team proceeded to repair his truck.  The victim observed them working to pull out the dented bumper and several other small dents on the body of the truck.  Later, the victim was advised that a heavy wax coat was left on the repaired areas which needed to stay on for at least two hours to cure.  The victim reported that he removed the wax the following day to discover the repairs were not made and the dents could still be seen.

The subjects were driving a dark-colored two-door Dodge pickup truck with loud pipes, magnetic red square signs with black lettering advertising their repair service.  The male subjects are described as Hispanic, a middle-aged man in his 50’s with a close cut haircut and a younger man in his 20’s missing a front tooth.  The team also had a young boy, about 10 years of age, with them.  Apparently, the subjects said their businesses are in Parker and also in Blythe and they travel to the river area to work on Snowbirds cars and RV’s.  The younger man provided the victim with his cell phone number of (209) 312-4383 which was not accepting phone calls when the victim later called the number.

This incident is believed to be a scam and the Sheriff’s Office would like to caution residents.  If you suspect fraud, contact your local law enforcement office.