Domestic Violence


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Male and female on Tomahawk in domestic violence situation.

Female locked out of residence.

Female advising firearms are inside.

Officers on scene building perimeter. Officer reporting a broken screen and window in the back.

Subject opened a back Window.  Not responding to commands given.

Subject called in to dispatch advising he was the landlord and wanted officers off his property or he would file a report.

Phone contact attempted with negative results.

Contacted the suspects mother – she disconnected on dispatch.

Neighboring residence evacuated.

Another unit requested for “scene protection”

“throw bot” requested.

Subject attempted by phone again – negative results.

Subject called dispatch again and hung up

PD attempting contact by PA/loud horn.

Male subject called dispatch and was advised to exit the residence with his hands up.  Call transferred to an officer on the scene.

Male exited the residence.

Officers informed approximately 5 other subjects at location.

Officer made contact with another occupant inside and they are stepping out.

3 detained,  2 more possibly inside.

Medics requested to evaluate female.

Contact made.  Scene code 4.