Distracted Driver

Posted on Friday, August 26th, 2016 at 2:00 PM

RP is reporting that a white Chevy driving Westbound on McCulloch from Smoketree has a laptop on her steering wheel and is attempting to use it while driving.

Officers in the area will attempt to locate and stop the driver.

Officers unable to locate the vehicle.

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44 comments on “Distracted Driver”

  1. Krystal Fachar Reply

    I can’t help but laugh at this. Havasu scanner feed with post this but won’t post about the domestic violence that happened two weeks ago where a woman was almost killed, the information given about that missing guy Rodney, the call about a mother needing help for her suicidal daughter and instead they throw her in jail for a week. Or the kid with a knife threatening to kill himself locked in his room and instead of getting him help the police gunned him down.

    Sad. Hope they didn’t find this person because she made it home without killing anyone.

    • Melanie Carey Reply

      Gunned him down? When u r locked in a room and cops force entry and you continually got at the cops with a knife its not OK to protect themselves? He was shot because he went at the cops with a knife. Definitely wasn’t gunned down. Smdh

    • Krystal Fachar Reply

      Lol I’m an idiot for simply stating these phone calls to dispatch are the frequent ones that happen to not make the Havasu scanner feed cut?

      I support any officer that puts on a badge. So please, don’t tell me about them protecting themselves.

      You can go about your business like you know something that’s going on in our town. šŸ‘ŒšŸ¼

    • Mandy Spencer Reply

      Havasu Scanner feed posts the call that come across when someone is on duty. To my knowledge, they are all volunteers, so there’s not always someone listening to post..

    • Bryanna Callahan Reply

      Maybe you should volunteer your time to capture those calls? I’m sure they are always in need of extra help. Be the solution instead of botching and moaning about it.

    • Krystal Fachar Reply

      There was no “botching and moaning” and Id rather donate my time helping those families instead of just reporting them to facbookers, but thanks for offering the solution!

    • Vicki Smith Reply

      We have had a few friends go down on there bikes because of distracted drivers and there phones. They get a scratch on there vehicle we get a totalled bike and a hospital visit. Stay OFF ur dam phones n sht while driving my life is not worth ur dumbass decisions

  2. Richard Sugden Reply

    I find it ironic that the officer that will respond to this is reading about the Violator on the laptop operating his patrol car….. And I’m actually reading this post traveling 75 miles an hour down the interstate

  3. Gale Taylor Reply

    The average car weighs over 4000 lbs. If you have ever been in an accident you would know how little inertia it takes to cause your vehicle to go out of control. .. People need to to slow down and start paying attention for everyone else’s sake. Driving is a privilege. Not a right. One small error can change your life, or the other persons life, forever.

  4. OZZY Reply

    Come on guys how hard is it to find a white vehicle in this town of nothing but white vehicles. Lol

  5. Bryan Conroy Reply

    Bet most people that have a problem with this find no problem in driving with ur little dog in ur lap,and besides that how do u expect them to use google maps??…;)

  6. danceswithskunks Reply

    Holy crap woman! I have enough problems using my laptop at home! Can’t you wait? At least pull over before you kill someone. Hopefully she ISN’T reading this while driving. If so, GET OFF YOUR F’ING COMPUTER IDIOT!!

  7. Terrie jacobson Reply

    All of this killing. My son was murdered and it hurts so bad. Why do people have to kill. Life is to short. My son David Allen Jacobson was murdered stabbed to death by a friend. Some friend. U can not trust anyone. Even if they are family. God bless u my dear son.

  8. Cereal Reply

    What in the hell does this have to do with people murdering people?!? Or cops shooting a crazed knife wielding man?!? What’s wrong with some of you people?!?

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