Disorderly Conduct @ Starline Elementary School

Posted on Thursday, May 12th, 2016 at 11:22 AM

9-year-old student ran out of Starline Elementary School after ripping posters off the walls and flipping over chairs. RP is the school principal.

Two Officers en route.

Mother is on scene attempting to calm him down, unsuccessfully at this time.

Subject is in front of the office.

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15 comments on “Disorderly Conduct @ Starline Elementary School”

  1. Andy Ward Reply

    back in my day … Mom would have calmed me down with a wack to the backside and then given the Headmaster a ration for not using those paddles that hung on the walls …. but today it’s “time-outs” followed by “milk and cookies” 🙁 … we’ve become to PC

  2. Susan Reply

    I believe the schools have to call the police if a child goes off campus, by law


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