Disorderly Conduct /Intoxicated 

Posted on Saturday, October 8th, 2016 at 10:20 PM

RP advising male subject at Swanson and Pima intoxicated and yelling at passing by cars. 

PD arriving on scene. 

PD requesting medics subject fell on his face. Highly intoxicated. 

19 comments on “Disorderly Conduct /Intoxicated ”

  1. Nancey Welch Ryan Reply

    Saw this guy laying on the sidewalk. 3 cops, fire truck and an ambulance. What a waste of our resources for some drunk idiot!! And he wasn’t even wearing his U. S. Postal uniform… sorry had too!!

  2. Deana Reply

    Enough with the jokes. These incidents could turn out badly. Hope he is ok.

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