Disorderly Conduct at Chase Bank (McCullloch Branch)

Posted on Thursday, October 13th, 2016 at 10:57 AM

Subject at Chase Bank, 1595 McCulloch Blvd – very irate, yelling, punching walls and almost broke a glass window. Described as bald, white shirt, jeans. RP stating subject is no longer inside the bank at this moment, unsure if he has left the property. No weapons seen/displayed at this time.

PD en route.

PD on scene.

PD clearing the scene after conducting a Field Investigation.

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17 comments on “Disorderly Conduct at Chase Bank (McCullloch Branch)”

  1. Terrie jacobson Reply

    AND HE DID NOT GET ANY. I WOULD B AFRAID HE COMES BACK WITH A GUN. To get what he thinks he is entitled to.
    Please God watch over the bank make sure nothing happens to anybody 🙏AMEN🙏


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