Desert Rescue


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Engine 3 along with Rescue 3, Engine 4 with Rescue 42, and a Battalion Chief are being dispatched to Sara Park for a rescue of a 9 year old and a 16 year old which are passed out at Mile Marker Trailhead 1.8

Update – 16 year old is breathing very hard. The 9 year old is doing OK for now.

Fire Boat also added to the call due to the RP advising that they are able to see the water from their location.

Helicopter launched.

Helicopter has visual on the subjects. Emergency personnel are attempting to assess how to extricate the individuals.

LHC Fire Department is now advising it is 6 patients.

Second helicopter requested.

23 Minute ETA from Parker for the second helicopter. The first helicopter will take two patients, one laying down, one upright. Second helicopter cancelled.

Second helicopter re-assigned to the call.

4 Patients so far have been rescued. Two paramedics are with the remaining two patients awaiting the second helicopter.

The helicopter CAN-NOT take more than one patient at a time.

Native 8 is on the way to the hospital with patient #1 to do a quick offload. Native 6 is on the ground taking patient #2.

Patient #2 en route to hospital by Native 6.

Patient #3 and #4 en route to hospital by Native 8

Patients #5 and #6 en route by ambulance.

Command terminated at 15:13. Engines 3, 4, and 5 week be out of service an additional 30 minutes.