Desert Rescue


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Lake Havasu City Fire Department Rescue Units and Battalion Chief dispatched to 7633 Dub Campbell for a Missing Female in 70’s, least heard from an hour ago on one of the unmarked trails.

LHCFD en route.

LHCFD requesting dispatch to ping the phone.

Phone company came back saying no history with the phone in the last 24 hours.

LHCFD Battalion Chief requesting a Ranger be activated.

DPS is advising the local Ranger is unavailable at the moment. The closest one would be coming from Flagstaff, if even available. Unknown ETA. DPS will contact the BC on the cell directly.

DPS advising the helicopter in Flagstaff can not launch due to the snow.

LHCFD Battalion Chief is now advising that a second person is now lost – One of the people who was looking for the first individual is now lost.

LHCFD BC is advising the rescue-friend has come out on his own.

9:39 PM – Search and Rescue has made verbal contact with the female. She has injuries, unknown extent. They are still attempting to work their way to her.

10:07 PM – Patient contact has been made. The subject is injured, they are carefully escorting her out.

11:15 PM – Native Air on standby. Rescuers will have ready for transport in approximately 1 hour.

11:56 PM – Lake Havasu City Fire Department is loading the patient up in the helicopter for Transport. She has fractures and hypothermia. No life threatening injuries however. 

Patient being flown to Havasu Regional Medical Center.