Desert Rescue / 4-Wheeler Accident w/ Injury

Posted on Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 at 10:33 AM

Rescue 4, Rescue 3, Battalion Chief, River Medical Ambulance, and AR1 are responding to 1/2 Mile into the desert off Bison Road for a rescue assignment resulting from a 4-wheeler accident with a female trapped with nearly severed arm. Breaking_News

One of the responding engines is requesting that a helicopter be prepared for launch.

Battalion Chief requesting a helicopter be launched.

Rescue crews on scene have advised they will need to transport the patient by helicopter. No ETA yet on arrival time of helicopter.

Rescue crew is stating 4 patients, one immediate with almost total amputation, the other three are minor-trauma.

Emergency crews are preparing a landing zone for the helicopter, pulling a hose line and wetting down the area to keep dust down.

47-year-old female. Was wearing a helmet. Right arm mid-way up, partial amputation. Rushing to Havasu Regional Medical Center.

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34 comments on “Desert Rescue / 4-Wheeler Accident w/ Injury”

  1. JoAnne Howard Reply

    This doesn’t sound good. My heart goes out to everyone involved. As hard as it is to deal with this kind of accident, I hope she can try to remain as calm as possible, our rescue personnel and firefighters are very good at what they do. Saying prayers for the injured woman and others involved.

  2. Jarrod Butterworth Reply

    Always try to grab onto your harnesses or grab bar, it’s hard to train yourself to not react by putting your arm out but it’s crucial to instill it in your head not to! Prayers to her and hope she recovers!!

    • Tammy Reply

      Your so right Jarrod!! First instinct is to protect yourself with your arms/hands which in cases like this is not the answer!! Feel so sad for this group of people. Nothing like going out for some fun and having a tragic ending before it got started.
      Many many prayers to all involved๐Ÿ™

  3. Andy Ward Reply

    So they wasted time waiting for and making a landing area for a chopper … and then she’s transported to Havasu Regional ???? …. minutes count !

    • Ivory Marinakis Reply

      I know this can be hard to understand for people who don’t work in emergency medicine, so I will try my best to explain…. an amputation and/or partial amputation would typically fly to a level one trauma center IF the patient is stable. Chances are after extrication this patient was declining exponentially. Helicopters arnt equipped to run a full code (cardiac arrest- in this case likely do to blood loss /hypovelemia). In that case transferring to the nearest hospital is a life saving decision for this patient. Once the patient is stabilized, they will be transported to a level one facility for surgery and further patient care. That decision is done on a case by case basis. I assure you that the medical crews responding to this accident made the very best choice with resources at hand. I hope this may help to clarify the transport decision. I wish her a full recovery.

    • Pamela Reply

      I was thinking Las Vegas or Phoenix instead of Havasu regional. Hopefully so that her arm could possibly be reattached.

  4. Dennise Blank Reply

    This is terrible. These are vehicles that provide a lot of fun, however you are in danger of losing not only an arm but your life in an accident. I just hope the lady in question comes through this alright. Prayers for her and her family and friends.

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