DELAYED: Yesterday Evenings Felony Stop on McCulloch

Posted on Saturday, March 19th, 2016 at 11:00 AM

Remember December 22, 2015 when officers from the Lake Havasu City Police Department Street Crimes Unit along with the SWAT team located two wanted fugitives in Lake Havasu City at Hampton Inn?

23-year-old Dominic Duro and 19-year-old Atiana Flowers were wanted in connection with a December 6, 2015 shooting that occurred in Beaumont, California.



Duro and Flowers were extradited back to California and are given GPS tracking bracelets which they removed before coming back to Havasu and being located again by LHCPD.

Coordinated effort resulted in a felony stop on McCulloch by El Dorado yesterday evening just after 8 PM where the two were again taken into custody without incident and are again being extradited back to California.

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38 comments on “DELAYED: Yesterday Evenings Felony Stop on McCulloch”

  1. Joseph Kurtz

    How stupid are people. Oh we got arrested in havasu, everybody knows what we look like. Lets just go back and get arrested again.

  2. Brian L Marble

    If you ever wondered why you get the 20 question run down when you get pulled over this is why, traffic stops almost always lead to something more .

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