DELAYED: Vehicle Into Building

Posted on Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 at 7:44 AM

Emergency personnel were dispatched at 1:18am to Little Peoples Daycare (2419 N Smoketree) for a vehicle into building. Unknown extent of injuries.



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Robert Starkey is Founder/Director of Havasu Scanner Feed, and is running in the upcoming election for the position of Constable.

26 comments on “DELAYED: Vehicle Into Building”

    • Cathy Reply

      Go to Phoenix or LA LA LAND – CALI. There’s your Bad Drivers. Especially Phoenix- they seem to get on the Freeways going the wrong way. Hope whoever crashed into this place is Ok.

  1. Rob Tuohy Reply

    David Fredericks I know I can trust your word…
    Is this the feed you use and is it worth it.. Also how much extra to take ADS out ???
    Thank you sir:)
    Other posts welcome TKX…