[DELAYED] House Fire at 7:45 PM Yesterday Evening


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At 7:45 PM yesterday evening, Fire Department was dispatched to 2970 Simitan Drive after 5 callers reported the blaze. One RP advising a duplex on fire to the left of the location. One RP was the resident who advised it was his part of the duplex that was on fire, and that all occupants were evacuated.

Here is the quick 30-second dispatch recording:


Here is the full hour recording (starts at the second call-out):

… continued …


Today’s News-Herald’s Haley Walters reported on the incident and reports that “firefighters removed a dog and cat from the unit, however a bird died. ¬†The fire was in the unit’s living room. The residence was deemed unlivable.” per Battalion Chief Mike Quijada.

The occupant of the residence, Myron Woods and his son Kai were home at the time the incident began.  Woods reportedly extinguished the blaze with a garden hose prior to the firefighters 6-minute response time.