[DELAYED] Fatality Vehicle Accident

Posted on Wednesday, July 4th, 2018 at 10:15 AM

At 5:39 am Desert Hills Fire, River Medical and Havasu Emergency Personnel were dispatched to a fatal, double vehicle rollover accident on highway 95 milepost 195 … people trapped… head and arm injuries…


We’re still gathering information on this incident.


I called LHC dispatch and was told DPS is handling this call, so limited information is available on road closures. They did receive an alert through the PD app that southbound is now open.


Listening to call archives, the following agencies were dispatched to this call:

– Desert Hills Fire

– Lake Havasu City Fire

– River Medical


– 1 Helicopter (Native 8)

– Yucca Fire (move up)


Two people were trapped in one vehicle, the other vehicle had a trapped patient and a deceased individual.


One patient with extensive injuries was transported by Native 8 Helicopter to University Medical Center (trauma).



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3 comments on “[DELAYED] Fatality Vehicle Accident”

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Rev Fey Reply

    Prayers for the families and friends of these people. May God be with them. 😢🙏

  2. Kevin Bushby Reply

    I went by there at 9:00 and it was a real mess. A BNSF Crew Cab truck which had rolled over, covered in white tarps, and an unidentifiable full size pickup, which was so demolished, I don’t know how anyone inside it survived. I came back about 10:15, and the two vehicles were on tow trucks, and debris was being cleared up. Still a lot of DPS and AZDOT on the scene. I’m sure speeding was a major factor, judging by the total destruction of the silver pickup.

  3. Tammy Reply

    Prayers and condolences for the one lost, all surviving victims, families and friends of those involved. Not a good way to start the morning of 4th of July, let alone any morning. So Sad.


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