DELAYED 5 PM: Missing Child (Walmart)

Posted on Monday, September 18th, 2017 at 11:32 PM

Today during the 5 PM hour Walmart received a phone call from a parent advising they had accidentally left their 4-year-old at the store, and were returning back to the store to retrieve him. No caller-ID information was captured. Walmart employees began a CODE ADAM routine where associates block the exits and begin a search for the child. Police canvassed the parking lot and neighboring businesses.

The call recording continued into the 6 PM hour:

… Officers suddenly asked for a report number that was assigned to the call and then cleared to handle another incident occurring at Walmart. Based on the fact that nothing more was said and no alerts were sent to media from LHCPD, we believe the child to have been reunited with their parent(s).

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35 comments on “DELAYED 5 PM: Missing Child (Walmart)”

  1. Amber Sammons Smith Reply

    I was there when all this happened. I called back later to check to see if the child was found. Store employee stated they think it was hoax no one came back to look for the child.

    I have to to say who ever did that is a sick person.

    Mad props to all the store employees and LHCPD they were on top of it looking for this missing child. I watched store employees on there hands and knees looking under clothing racks in trash cans etc..

  2. Kristie Pace Reply

    When I worked there several years back a woman called customer service(me at the time) and said she forgot her baby in a cart outside. She called half the stores in town with the same story.

  3. Deserie Reply

    Is this for real? Is the kid OK, it days it’s believed the child was reunited ? That’s just awful.

  4. Kimberly Mohr Reply

    This is horrible why I’m Gods name would someone do this. Please people this could have been real and in most cases it is. Great job Walmart and LHPD. Now let’s catch the jerk who did this.


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