DELAYED: 3-Vehicle Accident

Posted on Monday, March 7th, 2016 at 10:41 PM

Just after 8 PM this evening DPS contacted Lake Havasu City dispatch requesting LHCPD respond to HWY 95 near Walmart for a three vehicle accident in which one of the vehicles, a white Toyota Camry ran off the road. Occupants were getting verbal.

Female disoriented and Medics was dispatched.

River Medical cancelled FD.

DPS arrived on scene.

A mile and a half north of Walmart the vehicle went off the road and the pulled into a travel roadway where the caller lost sight of the vehicle – not a roll over.

PD conducted their investigation on the remaining vehicle(s).

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2 comments on “DELAYED: 3-Vehicle Accident”

  1. Gale Taylor

    Too bad the Newsaper doesn’t report on more accidents and other crimes . Never any followup. Maybe it would open up some people’s eyes.

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