CORRECTION to earlier released BOLO

Posted on Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 at 10:15 AM

This morning just before 9 AM officers attempted to apprehend two subjects outside McDonalds on Swanson. Officers apprehended one of the two subjects, however the second – Delvon Noriega fled on foot towards the golf-course and rotary park. Officers searched the area however were unable to locate the suspect. He is wanted for Probation Violation – Absconding. He should be considered armed and dangerous, do not attempt to apprehend.

The above is his prison booking photo.

Here is a photo from his Facebook Page dated February 25th:

If you have seen Delvon Noriega, please contact Lake Havasu City Police Dispatch at (928) 855-4111 or 9-1-1.

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39 comments on “CORRECTION to earlier released BOLO”

  1. Chrissie Rymer Reply

    He should be careful. We all know what happened in the last situation. Only D didn’t have a prison record and wasn’t on parole. Also wasn’t considered armed and dangerous.

  2. GlobeTrot Reply

    Poor innocent love bug running from the cops, on probation, going to prison, etc etc. They shouldn’t be cations apprehending him at all. It’s not like cops have ever been shot trying to apprehend wanted criminals. Amiright or amiright? Idiots.

  3. GlobeTrot Reply

    Just because you spread your legs for him doesn’t mean he’s not a dangerous person. You young ladies should pick better baby daddies. This young thug has a bright future in prison.

  4. Duane Price Reply

    That’s what I can’t stand about havasu or there shitty fuking cops… they always wanna assume shiit and speak on something they think they kno… he is the coolest nicest dude you’ll ever meet… gtfo of here with this bs!!! Jessica Cano get at me

  5. Demi Reply

    Woooowwwww I can’t belive him he called me a few days ago apologizing for everything and told me he was on his way to turn himself in and my retarded but believed him ha hope you guys find him he NEEDS to go back he needs discipline…….

  6. Cherith Morgan Reply

    It amazes me, how hard people come down on the police!!!! You all don’t seem to understand what these officers face on a daily bases!!! A simple traffic stop, can turn into an officer getting shot and killed!!!
    They are saying armed and dangerous, because this young man knows he is going back to prison!!!! When backed into a corner, a person can become very dangerous!!!! So, FYI…. Your teddy bear, just might be a threat to the public and police!!!! Bottom line, if these people did run from the police, barricade themselves in rooms with weapons, break the law, then they wouldn’t be in the positions of having to deal with the police!!!! You all make comments to bash the police, until you need their help!!!

    • GlobeTrot Reply

      What a sweet little innocent non-violent teddy bear! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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