*COMMUNITY WATCH* Theft – Hastings

Posted on Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 at 10:49 AM

Between 4/7/2016 and 4/8/2016 unknown person(s) committed theft at Hastings (321 Lake Havasu Avenue North) after they changed the message sign on the outside marquee and removed the letters from the property without the owners/managers consent.

The Manager Reports:
• On 4/6 he posted on the marquee – “RESERVE YOUR HARRY POTTER.”
On 4/7 he noticed the sign was changed to – “RESERVE YOUR POT.”

• On 4/7 he changed the sign to – “RESERVE YOUR J.K. ROWLLING H.P.”
On 4/8 he noticed the sign was changed to – “RESERVE YOUR PORN.”

He did not tell anyone to change the sign.


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8 comments on “*COMMUNITY WATCH* Theft – Hastings”

  1. Sara Howell

    There’s nothing else for them to do in that town!! They could be doing worse things then hanging out at Hastings

  2. Nick Taylor

    Nothing for kids(Teens)? They just put in the biggest skatepark in AZ there. We have a lake that anyone can use. there’s after school clubs, the schools have sports as well as the city if the kid doesnt make the school team. Theres plenty of legal things teens in that town can do. Some are free too

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