*COMMUNITY WATCH* Retired Woman In Her 70’s Falls Victim To Phone Scam

Posted on Wednesday, March 16th, 2016 at 1:40 PM

The following is a commonly used scam which some still fall victim to – and serves as a reminder to be cautious of providing personal information.

On Saturday March 12th at approximately 12:32 PM an officer was dispatched to a residence in Havasu to speak with a retired female in her early 70’s regarding a fraud. During the interview, the following information was reported:

• In late February she received a phone call from a male who identified himself as “Michael Bush Miller”.

• Miller stated that he was calling on behalf of the “Senior Sponsors and Drawings” organization and he was calling to inform her she had won $2.5 Million Dollars and a 2016 Lincoln Towncar in their drawing.

• Her caller ID showed the call coming from 876-***-**** out of Kingston, Jamaica.

• Miller then put her in contact with his boss, who identified himself as “Kevin Peterson” who told her in order to claim her winnings she had to give them her bank account information, so they could put funds in it.

• In turn, the victim had to send the funds back to them.

• The boss/Miller’s phone number was 620-***-****

• Over several phone calls she gave Peterson her and her husband’s personal information to include their date of births, social security numbers, credit card account information (Chase and Wells Fargo), and Chase Bank Account information.

• On 3/3/2016 an initial deposit of $2,000 was placed into her chase account, which she withdrew and sent to a “Lelia Driscoll” via Western Union.

• On 3/5/2016 she sent $4,000

• On 3/7/2016 she sent $5,000

• On 3/8/2016 she sent $800

• She then became suspicious of the whole thing and it wasn’t until her son contacted her that he informed her that her home phone number had been chanced without her knowledge. Her caller ID was now coming up as a different 928 area code related number.

• She belives who ever she gave her information to is responsible for changing the number.

• She knows what she did was dumb, but she was just trying to get money to help with bills.

The 876 area code was indeed found to be out of Jamaica, the 620 area code was found to be out of Kansas.

Again, this information is only shared to educate the community to be cautions when sharing personal information with unknown individuals who have no connection to any business dealings or drawings which you are aware to have entered.

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12 comments on “*COMMUNITY WATCH* Retired Woman In Her 70’s Falls Victim To Phone Scam”

  1. Lisa Gutierrez

    This exact same call went to my BFF grandma and not only did she fall for it once she fell for it twice cleared out her whole bank account!! And never got the Mercedes she was promised!

  2. Kristal Jordan

    This is so sad, I think there is a special place in hell for people that are crooks and take advantage of anyone more so the elderly…..ugh

  3. Charlyne Gastelum

    Anybody know a Linda Camargo? She stole my identity last week. Applied for a City Simplicity Card. It has taken hours freezing my credit reports, dealing with card companies,etc. Can’t thank Wells Fargo Identity Theft department for their fast response and help. You can cancel a credit card but you can’t cancel your identity. And I’ll never get back the hours it has taken me to put a stop to a major theft as the result of her getting and using a credit card issued with my information. Be aware, according to the fraud departments at these banks, it is worldwide and almost impossible to catch the people.

  4. Sandra Webster

    I had a scammer last year on a fb site right from Havasu supposedly and I did take all the info to the pd and never sent anyone a dime. They wanted money grams sent to them out of the country!! Never give anyone personal info to anyone like that !!

  5. Christina Renee

    She sends over 9,000 dollars and claims she needed the help with bills……………………………………………

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