Commercial Fire

Posted on Friday, May 13th, 2016 at 2:24 PM

FD on scene of a working commercial fire at 2190 Birch Square.

All off duty fire personnel please respond to your assigned stations for a second Alarm.






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28 comments on “Commercial Fire”

  1. Jennifer Hays Jankowski Reply

    We are all lucky to have such a wonderful fire department. Very very few could do their job especially today with high temps, in turnouts, and with air packs on. Hang in there guys. ❤️🚒

  2. Jessica Beatty Reply

    It’s a bit shameful how many people are upset because now they cannot try the food.
    Hopefully all made it through unscathed and the owners of the restaurant are able to pick up the pieces from this and not suffer a total loss to their livelihood.

  3. Donna Carpenter Reply

    That makes the second fire in that building. There was one shortly after it was built. The man who built it died in an airplane accident, too.

  4. Jennifer McGregor Reply

    They owners are wonderful people. Witnesses said it was a kitchen fire probably hot oil and then it hit breaker box. Prayers for the recovery of the owners on this wonderful business. Life can turn on a dime. So blessed all emergency responders took care of it quickly .


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