Commercial Assignment


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LHCPD/LHCFD being dispatched to the 2000 block of N Smoketree for a reported fire in an apartment, occupant is evacuating, and units are responding.
(5:28AM) Battalion 1 at scene with command, reporting light smoke showing from a single story apartment building. Companies going on offensive fire attack
(5:30AM) Command reporting pressurized smoke coming from central unit at courtyard, confirming a working fire, and all hands now working.
(5:33AM) Command requesting a now 2nd Alarm for fire in an apartment of the building, Fire attack now reporting a good knock down of the fire. Requesting companies to assist in ventilating.
(5:38AM) Fire Attack confirming primary search on Alpha and Bravo exposure apartments are complete/negative, companies are checking for extension.
(5:54AM) Command has given the under control, fire attack reporting primary and 2ndary searches completed and negative. Companies are recycling for rehab and continuing to overhaul the fire apartment and breaking down water supply/attack lines.