City’s Radio Equipment Upgrade Information


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Dear Fellow Scanner Fans,

Lake Havasu City is upgrading their radio communications equipment which was approved by City Council for purchase in September of 2015.  The equipment has been purchased and is due to be installed and go live between July and September.  The Lake Havasu City Police Department has expressed an interest to continue our partnership, and will leave PATROL 1 (dispatch channel) un-encrypted for us to pickup and rebroadcast.  HOWEVER, there is an equipment upgrade needed on our part in order to receive the new communications.

We have kept Havasu Scanner Feed a free community service.  However, this hefty upgrade is needed in order to continue the service.  I reach out to you for your support in keeping the project alive.  If you find HSF of value and want to see it continue, please consider donating towards the equipment upgrade.

Thank you in advance.

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